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Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by Llewellin01, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Anyone been moving any birds yet? Talked to some gas well service guys who said they saw a few this last week in Portage County
  2. Flushed some quail going to my spot during early teal season here in Clermont. 5-6 birds. Big and healthy. About the only Upland bird to flush down here. No grouse or pheasant.

  3. Jumped one about a week ago in a beanfield next to a swampy area. I've successfully hunted them there before.
  4. Got a late start today (10:00) and only flushed one in the hour that I was out. It got a little too hot for the dog.
  5. I hunted the LaDue public land in Geauga county this morning and flew 1 bird. It was more to get my dog out and ready for pheasant season than actually hunting hard.
  6. Should be getting here soon. Be out this weekend.
  7. Hunted two hours yesterday in NW Ohio. Flushed 4 baged 1
  8. It shouldn't be long. Hunted Resthaven (public area) yesterday for a couple of hours, flushed 3, bagged 0
  9. Re the woodcock...there was a note from Wiley/ODNR sent with the annual grouse co-operator form, that woodcock flushes/harvest will be collected and, I reckon, used in some fashion by the Feds/State in evaluating the lil’ bogsucker. One may need to e-mail said Mark Wiley to be sure and perhaps to access the opportunity on-line.
    Range-wide, the info may be used re NWR access to bird reckoning.....not a bad idea, fwliw.

    As an aside....ruffed grouse flushes or hopeful hearings were approx. 1 bird/5 hr or so....a continual and abysmal decline. I stopped hunting a good while back at .5/1 hr and thought that was waiting too long.
    Interesting that people will actually hunt/harm grouse when they may only move 1 bird-ish in a day....they must not understand what that number really means where it matters....sad.

    Interesting also that the report numbers were based upon flushes/100hrs., obviously in order to increase the palatability of a season.
    Historical flush rates appeared low as well but junk in-junk out at times....good to question all data.

    Naturally, Jan and Dec. were highest in grouse encounters....too bad Jan. was not jettisoned along with Feb. but that would likely be more feel good than savior as, naturally, no quantifiable trade-off to losing Feb. was evident....other than commonsense and a having a conscience of course.
    Hunter reports are a terrible way to evaluate game populations as to numbers, trends or the why of each.

    The one interesting number was about 35% of co-operators returned surveys....I would have suspected lower and on the order of voter turnout. In a declining scenario....35% ain’t too bad.
    There may be some math to do in that percentage.
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  10. Went to Caesars Creek Monday and dog pointed one pheasant and jumped one woodcock(no shot).
  11. My place in Vinton County has a few grouse holding on. I don’t hunt them but after my yearly deer hunt, I walk my property to check things out and every year jump 3-4. They seem to stick to the thicker, Southwest hillsides.
  12. Super...there are still spots, always have been....likely, always will some degree and for the foreseeable future.
    Hopefully tho those spots are not reckoned more than what they are and that folks understand you can kill grouse w/o a scattergun, under certain circumstances.
    Enjoy the experience, regardless.

    I suspect some hillsides may be favored for the slower speed of regeneration more than compass direction but food and cover are where one finds it.
  13. I went out last Friday to my favorite spot in Central OH. Was way to warm (upper 70's). Not a single bird, but did see a few splats. Fergie pointed a cottontail though. Bunny held extremely tight! With the cold wet weather, the MI birds will start coming through.
  14. Went out again yesterday and still no birds!
  15. I havent moved near as many birds this year as years past!
  16. Woodcock appeared to be late arriving in the upper peninsula a couple of weeks ago, with numbers and, especially, concentrations down from previous years.
    I have heard reports of much the same from the NE states.
    The woodcock I found may have been migrants or residents, not sure.
    Regardless, recent weather may goose them south a bit.

    Woodcock populations do not appear to be experiencing any increased range-wide declines recently.....population trends appear level within the accuracy of the surveys. Time will tell if more than natural factors are at play in migration appearances re Time.
    I would tho look for the birds in less than traditional locations...last season I found several near the top of a hill in PA.
    What has not changed....woodcock are where you find them and they still taste good.
  17. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    I moved two today in Portage county
  18. This was the worst season I experienced in the last dozen years or so. Moved 3 doodles and got 2 of them. I think the weather had allot to do with it. I think they came in late...but only stayed a very short period of time. Thoughts?
  19. I was in Kansas the week of Thanksgiving, but guys i know around me Northern Wayne County whonwere out rabbit hunting that week said they moved them constantly all day for the first part of the week. I think they were late as a majority. I only moved 5 this year and they were all 1st week of pheasant season