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  1. Anyone been moving any birds yet? Talked to some gas well service guys who said they saw a few this last week in Portage County
  2. Flushed some quail going to my spot during early teal season here in Clermont. 5-6 birds. Big and healthy. About the only Upland bird to flush down here. No grouse or pheasant.

  3. Jumped one about a week ago in a beanfield next to a swampy area. I've successfully hunted them there before.
  4. Got a late start today (10:00) and only flushed one in the hour that I was out. It got a little too hot for the dog.
  5. I hunted the LaDue public land in Geauga county this morning and flew 1 bird. It was more to get my dog out and ready for pheasant season than actually hunting hard.
  6. Should be getting here soon. Be out this weekend.
  7. It shouldn't be long. Hunted Resthaven (public area) yesterday for a couple of hours, flushed 3, bagged 0