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Threatened Snake Gets Hand In Recovery

Discussion in 'Outdoor News' started by Hamilton reef, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. Great story, but people keep building homes near them they will see them and kill them. Not much you can really do about it.:(

  2. I wonder what happened to them all .... Back in the 80s when I first started fishing lake erie we started camping at east harbor state park .... well the road to the boat ramp crossed between 2 marsh areas, the road was raised so it wouldn't be in the marsh I am guessing:confused: :confused: :confused: ... On any given weekend it was not uncommon to see 15 to 20 dead snakes on the road that were attempting to make it across ... It is just like the state to wonder where they all went ... All they had to do was look on their freakin road ....