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This years race is just around the corner

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Erie, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. Ray I thought you were talking about the Daytona 500, we all know Mr Gordon is going to win that race;) :D

  2. No Jack ..

    I like to follow the Up-North Dog Races .. Ya talk about a ToughMan/Woman Contest!!! :eek:
  3. Race

    You have to be joking about Gordon . . . Aren't you?:eek:
  4. No no Lowe's has it this year:cool:
  5. littie e and waltrip will be there and and sterling marlin.

    guys remember this site is viewed by kids and if your going to start using the ''G" word their parents aren`t going to alow them to visit the site anymore. we all know that the kids are our future and we don`t want to scare them with the use of the "G"word . lol

  7. Go Gordan!! #24!!! What eveyone is singing this year again is " Chasing that neon rainbow!!"
  8. Even though I'm a Chevy person...

    Roush Racing may be the one to watch this year. I would love to see Mark Martin win a championship atleast once before he retires. He has been second to many times.
    Sterling would be my second choice.
    Yea, I like the old guys. Was, still am, a Dale Earnhardt (Sr) fan. He was what NASCAR use to
  9. I'd like to see Mark or Rusty get the championship. Rusty is always in the top 10, been my favorite since I was little.
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