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This is messed up to me....

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. I heard that over a 100 "friends of the university" had a free trip to the Fiesta courtesy of OSU. Great.....that's where my tuition money is going. To pay for people that donate big money to the University to go to the bowl game. These people have enough money that they can afford to go on their own.

    I think that they should reward students who are doing good academic wise with the bowl trip. I think OSU needs to open their eyes a bit. Charge a hassling 5 cents to make copies(not that 5 cents will break's just a pain and more bother than it's worth. How often do you have several nickels in your pocket?) and they spend $200k + on free "thank you trips" my mom donates......where's her trip?

    It's a bunch of BS......and if OSU business college didn't have such a great program I'd pay less and go to Columbus State.

    I just figured up.......every 1/4 OSU makes over $115,000,000. Just for tuition. They want to hike tuitions costs and then act as a travel agency. Amazing.......can't wait to graduate!!!!!!!!!
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  2. I agree with you.....That is bulldung!!!:D

  3. just another view

    i know there may be lots of things they could do with that 200 grand,but how much do you think those "friends" have given to osu?i would be willing to bet you don't become a "friend" without paying a pretty good price.i have no idea how much they have donated,but let's say hypotheticaly,that each one over the years,has given $10,000 bucks.that adds up to a million if my 3rd grade math is right.knock off 200 grand and they have 800,000 clams that they would not have had if it weren't for their "friends"if i had to bet,i'd bet they've given more than that and a little thank you(compared to money OSU gets from them)is not taking away from anyone.i'm sure some of those "friends" have given millions.if it weren't for those people,your tuition and other things would probably be even higher.

    just my opinion.
  4. Rick Ill have to agree with you,but only to a point. OSU is all about MONEY . They raise Tuition the max they can get away with, They come out with "New" fees to get around Tuition caps like a "technology fee" students pay for. They cut Faculty & Staffs benifits raise Insurance costs (they are self insured) while no raises. They do this not to make money but because they are so badly managed. I have seen management there that sit surfing the internet 8 hrs a day while making 60k and supplement that income by the sale of scrap items from the labs and pocketing the money instead of rolling it back into the collage. Yes OSU is all about money, its a shame its on the backs of the students and taxpayes.
  5. toad

    well,at least you didn't TOTALLY disagree with me:eek: :rolleyes: ;) i know what you're saying about the MONEY and politics,as i have a good friend who works there and know a few others,plus a couple students.the only point that i really am trying to make is that those people who do donate big bucks are helping(no matter what else goes on)and that what the university gives back is a small part of what they receive from their benefactors.when it comes down to it,it is no different than any other big scratch me,i'll scratch you.the bottom line is however,the most important thing to other words,"ask not what i can do for you,ask what i can do TO you".

    i think i'll quit for now,before i go off on all of corporate america and the government.:eek: see what you did?:rolleyes: ;)
  6. All the new buildings going up. And listen to this......they don't hand out paper to take a test, you have to right the Q's & A's on your own paper. This tends to make the time to take a test a bit longer.........
  7. Rick your 100% right on the "friend" . If they lost their money I'm sure OSU wouldn't call them a friend anymore. LOL