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Thinking about a shoot

Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by zfish, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. Hey guys just thought Id chime in and say hi to all you deer camp boys. I was wondering if you guys wanted to get some kinda get togeather sometime before the camp? Maybe like one of those 3d shoots that were mentioned or even like a clay shoot or something for fun and to get to know each other before the big hunt :) I know most of you already know each other but I think Id like to get in on this camp if no one minds.

  2. Clarence

    I thought it sounded fun too. I have a good place for clay shooting besides some of the cool places that Ive heard of. Ive never done any of those 3d shoots though they sound like fun. By the way if nothing else then we are going carp fishing and Im sure you know what that means. Lol Get your spare bow out and show me the way to bow fishin.
  3. Sounds like a winner to me zfish. We will need to find a shoot that everyone can make and wont have to drive forever to get there. If we can find out where everyone is from and then find a shoot I think we can do this. As far as the carp'n goes you would have to talk to C.D.2 & Q2XL about that, they have done it the past couple of years. Shooting clays is a stinkin blast, I usually shoot sporting clays with my nephew. We could do that also, doesn't matter to me. Your more than welcome to join camp this next season, we have already have two guys that are going to do the cooking and a dish washer.
  4. Spitfire

    Sounds fun.. Same with me I shoot clays with my nephew. Too bad on the cooks Im a pretty good cook so everyone tells me lol. Im sure I can make myself useful somehow though :D
  5. whats up there ZFISH.oh yea 3D shootin is a blast. about as much fun as CARP SHOOTIN. send me or CD a PM and we will hook you upon the carp shootin.
  6. zfish, you can help in the kitchen or be a cooler guard, whatever you prefer. If you have an idea for something to eat let ithoyts, Q2XL or Wick know and you guys can make out a menu and fit it in.
  7. I had never shot clay's before until a couple years ago. My nephew works at the Mad River Sportsmans Club here in Logan County so I get t o shoot for free when I go so that makes it even better. He didn't like it the first time we shot against each other cause I beat him. Then we got on the 5 stand and he smoked me for a little payback.
  8. I do have an extra bow for bowfising. I'll tell you what, I never shot clays. Take me clay shooting and we'll go carp'in. What do you think?;)
    Get your bow and we'll all go out and shoot some 3-D. Don't worry about hitting some of the targets , we don't keep score anyway.;)
  9. Alright ZFISH,

    Bring your best venison chili because we're getting tired of wicks, need to change it up a bit. Sound like a plan???

  10. RJO

    Ill tell ya what. If I come to deer camp Ill make the chili. I can either make it one of 2 ways. If I havent eaten all my deer by then lol. 1st way is deer burger and the 2nd is with the deer steaks. My personal choice is to cut the steaks up really small and use those Yum Yum!

    What are you doing this weekend either Sat or Sunday. I have a full box of clays :) If you dont have a good shotgun for clay I have 2 good guns for that. Either day is looking good for me. Im not quite sure but I may have Friday off too. Either way send me a pm what you want to do and we can get it set up! Anyone else want to shoot some clays this weekend around my place? Im 45 min or so N of Columbus. Its a good think you dont keep score because you wont feel so bad :D :D ;)
  11. Spitfire

    You mentioned someone having a black belt? Were you serious or kidding? I have a 1st degree in a style similar to Kempo its called sai kan (sp) :) and in high school I was a varsity wrestler so I can do the guarding lol. I can also bring some of my famous deer jerkey but if Im all out then I can make beef :) Ive went through 2 of my deer already and we havent picked up the one that my gfs mom hit well on the jerkey anyways I still have lots of steaks and deer burgers. I already ate all the trail bologna and gave lots away to other members of the site. :)
  12. Hey Zfish,

    I will try your chili either way ! Personally, I have never made chili with anything else but ground, but I would like to try it with cubed steaks. Bring it on, I think the rest of the boys will say the same !!!! Hey guuuuys ... I think we have a new cooook!

  13. I dont't remember mentioning anything about a black belt, but your more than welcome to help guard the coolers. If ya want you can help the boys in the kitchen.
  14. Spitfire

    I think it was in the Camp Zalenski (sp) forum that was said lol. Sorry to confuse you I know it doesnt take much hahahaha Just kidding :D So Ill do the chili I guess. Sounds good to me fellas. Back to the shoot idea. Anyone doing anything this weekend? If nothing else I may shoot some clays. Just post on here or give me a pm if you are interested in just hangin out. Ill be back later gonna try the fishing thing for now :)
  15. Confused most of the time!!!

    Sometimes it doesn't take much to confuse me, i'll admit it. The Sidney shoot was brought up but that would be a pretty long drive for you. Are there any shoots around the Marion or Delaware area's? THe only one I know of is Upper Sandusky and it's a little farther north than Marion. I went to one a couple years ago just outside of Marengo if you know where that is. If you can check around those areas (Marion & Delaware) for any 3-D shoots. We are always willing to try new courses.
  16. You can do chilli if you want, I know I am and one of the other guys are also. It is a tradition for me, it's something my dad started way back in the day. By all means bring anything you want and make whatever you want because it will get eaten.
  17. Spitfire

    Marengo is like 10 minutes from me lol. Marion isnt far either. I put around 40000 miles a year on my car so I dont mind driving at all. I heard that Delaware has one Im not sure about marion.. Heck it can be archery or gun targets Im game for either :) Oh yeah call me Mike
  18. Hey Mike,
    If you can find out where that one in Delaware is let me know. THe one in Marengo is at the Conservation Club, I cant think of it's name right now. No need for you to drive farther than the rest of us. We can find a shoot somewhere in between. Delaware is only about 45 minutes from me.