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The Road to your next buck and My story of a 175" slammer

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by medicsnoke, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. What if I told you that the biggest key to success for taking my biggest whitetail to date is a land feature in your hunting area and one you use daily? If you want to know more please take a few minutes to read my latest article.

    The Road Less Traveled
    And feel free to leave comments and stories on bucks youve killed that relate to this story.

    Here is a teaser pic
    Corey Snoke
  2. Great Article, and how true the advantages of hunting along busy/noisy highways. Some of these narrow wood lots seperating housing developements from the highway would be super places if you could only park there. You could probably get away with it a few times before the State Boy gave you a citation.

  3. Thanks for the comment beaston! Hope you have a great season
  4. I read this on AT and it's a great story. Good luck this year
  5. Great article. I plan on trying this tactic this fall.
  6. I always enjoy these stories and especially ones where I think I can relate. Great buck and great story

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  7. Thanks man, I appreciate it! It takes some time to put together a story with pictures and all. Your words keep me writting. Thank You
  8. I love hunting the small wood lots like that and have used some of those same tactics. One very similar hunt was also a first sit next to the road over a scrape. The sound of me going up the tree in my climber called the buck right to me, as soon as I pulled my bow up, there he was.

    Good stuff and great story! Thanks for sharing with us.
  9. Bawana

    Bawana Staff Member Mod

    I've got a few spots like that along an interstate. Haven't put it all together yet, but this helps keep the interest up!!
  10. You and I have chatted before over on AT.I agree with every point that was made.Treading lightly is the only way to go when it comes to big mature bucks.Once they know they are being hunted things get tough real fast.
  11. Great article

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