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The right shotgun for a young hunter

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Cuzn J, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. I'm super excited! This season is going to be my sons (ages 12 and 9) first full hunting season. I introduced them at the end of last season to a little bit of rabbit and squirrel hunting. I had them using 20 guage single shots. This year I'm wanting to upgrade them to either pumps or automatics. I'm leaning more toward the pumps but I had a firearms instructor tell me that an automatic would be a better choice and that it would help them develop better shooting habits. For the 9yr old I also was thinking about gettin him a youth model .410 just so it would be lighter for him to carry. I'd like to here some opinions on rather i should go with the pump or auto.
  2. Deehntr56

    Deehntr56 Staff Member Mod

    Autoloaders have less felt recoil. I set up my son with a 12 guage Remington 1100 and he liked his alot. He started using it at age 13. A 20 guage may be a good choice.

    I would say go with the 870, but pump guns will have that recoil that some kids will have some difficulty with.

    How about a Muzzleleoader? Recoil is manageable and properly set up they are accurate as well. The draw back would be the "one" shot- but that's all you need.;)

  3. Pumps are lighter to carry, but the tradeoff is more recoil. Rem 870 or Mossberg 500 both make nice youth model guns. Of the 2, the 870 is heavier.
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  4. Recoil is the biggest issue with young hunters. The autos really help with that.

    Both my sons started with muzzleloaders. I forget but probably 70 grain loads. My daughter used a youth 870 20 gauge. She shot .22s a lot. I had her dry fire the 870 but only a few shots with slugs just to make sure it shoot where she looked.

    Never had a flinching issue with any of them.
  5. my daughter started shoting a moss. 500 20 ga. at the age of 11 and had no problem with it
  6. I would think some sort of 20 ga. Would be good maybe 410 for younger one. I always used single shots when i was a kid and couldnt wait intill i got my first pump gun. After 6-7 years with a pump i notice i was missing more rabbits than i liked so i went back to a single shot and realized i was rushing my shot with the pump cuz i knew in my head that i had more than one shot. I used that single shot for a whole season and made better shots because i knew i only had one shot. Still i take a single shot every once in a while to keep myself honest. Lol

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  7. You cant beat the 870. In my experience it shoots slugs better and has better full choke pattern for turkey than the auto loader. My youngest 13 is starting his second season with the 20ga. Started both boys at 10yrs old on the single .410. Same guns just passed down,now they're after mine.
  8. I second the 870 pump in 20 gauge as the best option for a young and/or inexperienced hunter for the main reason of SAFETY.

    Too often I have seen inexperienced people (both young and grown) with semi's accidentally fire the gun after their initial shot because they forget to take their finger off the trigger. With pumps, it takes a conscious effort to put another round in the chamber. Therefore, you consciously know it's a hot gun. It might sound kinda silly to people experienced with guns, but I make safety a priority when I'm around people new to hunting.

    I bought my 11yo daugher a 20gauge 870 a few years ago and I have not regretted it.
  9. Started my daughter off with a 22cal. with a scope ,and she killed her 1st turkey at 6yrs old. with a 20gauge auto with a scope and she never knew the diifferance when she pulled the trigger, she said she never even heard it go off.It keeps them from flinching away from the recoil,when the time is rite.
  10. Schu72

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    I moved my son up to a 20 ga. semi last year for Turkey, but I would only load one shell. I would not want him shooting at a running turkey anyway, so one shell was it.