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The result of a FULL day of scouting...

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Ok so I spent all day scouting yesterday at woodbury and had good luck seeing birds, as well as finding one private place to hunt, however I have A LOT of questions after yesterday. I will bullet point them for the ease of the nice person who chooses to answer them.

-we found a roost and a good spot to set up right off the road. We asked a guy that lives real close and he said good luck because a ton of people go in there because it is so convenient. Do I even waste my time there?

-I am not used to hunting hilly areas. Will these birds walk through the little valleys in between the ridges, even if they're steep?

-We did a lot of driving, we saw a total of ZERO birds strutting. We drove around randomly between 10 and 2.

-We found a hen nesting on some eggs, does that mean there could be a population around there that we could check out?

-Since a lot of people seem to hunt there I am assuming they also TEND to hunt the more easier reachable places. If we get up early and trek way off the beaten path, could this possible yield us a little bit less pressured areas, or will this just put us out of the fight? I was planning on getting there around 5 and walking into the deep stuff and then locating once the woods woke up then trying to set up based on that.

Thank you in advance for your help!
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What does we found a nesting hen there might be a population we could check out mean?
I meant does a nesting hen mean there are some roosting around there or do nesting hens typically aim for solidarity?
so even if the hen has already layer her eggs, the gobbler will still approach her?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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