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The "Putt" Stops Here

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by Weekend Woodsmen, Mar 11, 2018 at 3:49 PM.

  1. As we get ready for the season to open here in Ohio, a look back at a lesson I learned last year!

    It happens to everybody, we get busted and we hear the dreaded "Putt". Many times the birds are out of range, or you freeze up and don't take a shot. However, most of the time, when a bird starts putting, you still have time to make a good shot, especially when they start putting at 20 yards! I may have gotten a little carried away talking trash to the turkey, but hey...I was excited! Hope you enjoy the video!
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  2. I’m my experience if ya here the phhht phhht.... phhhhhttt.. it’s in range.. makes for one of the best hunts.. Or... the reason your pi.....ed of the rest the day... all in all if you’ve heard it... ya definitely did something right.

  3. That's a good point! I guess that means I was just ticked a lot, because I wouldn't pull and shoot! This was one of those times that since the angle wasn't right for my Uncle to run the camera I thought about what I would do ahead of time if I got caught moving, mental preparation in turkey hunting (and especially deer hunting) can pay off big time!
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  4. The old timer that introduced my dad to turkey hunting in the early 70s used to use 7 1/2s and insisted on shooting them on the wing. The busted bird is still killable, but you have to be ready mentally and commit to the shot. Very cool video, btw!