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the picture in your signature (HOW)

Discussion in 'Forum - Website Problems' started by bill_gfish, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. Just wanting to know how to get the picture at the bottom of your posts. Tried and tried and it is beyond my abilities.

  2. I'll try to explain how to get it into your sig.

    1rst you need to have your picture on a server. You can either wait til steve gets a photo gallery here, or sign up at and use the photo gallery there. Or, you can sign up with

    After you have done all this, load the pic you want onto the server. Then, right click the mouse, and go down to property.

    Copy the WHOLE url.

    Then, go into your control panel to where your sig is.

    Put this there first

    [UR] Put an L at the end of URL(I had to break the link)

    then paste the URL of the photo.

    Then put


    After that, push ok and you should be done. If you need anymore help or my instructions are not clear enough, PM me and I will explain a little more.

    Hope I helped.
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  3. stelmon pretty much summed it up nicely.

    It's best if you want to get your own site, but for any of you that don't want to deal with it, let me know and I'll host all pics on my server so you won't have to worry. Either way, your set.

    Let me know if I can help anyone out.
  4. Well, I have only got so much patients with this kind of crap. I tried the url, the img front and back of the link. 2 different website picture holders and I keep getting the damn x picture.

    Thanks for you help but I give up.

  5. Bill

    I don't know if it will help you but I gave Taehoej my way of doin' it up on the cold water MB under post your pics .. nothin' else send me a E w/photo & I'll post it for you.