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The new barrel on my .17 Rem.

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Firearms' started by Catfish, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. Well I`ve got my 50 rounds of break-in through the barrel and when out yesterday to start working up an accuracy load for it, not happy at all. I tried 2 different powder charges with 5 different bullets. I had one group in the 6`s and the rest were 1 1/4 to 2 1/2 in. at 87 yrds. I could life with the group in the 6`s, but the darn barrel fouled real bad and started looseing accuracy with only about 25 rounds through it. After finishing the second round of test loads I quit the load work up and fire lapped the barrel. I only use 5 rounds of each grit for a total of 15 rounds, but with the loading and cleaning time added in it took all afternoon. If the darn thing still fouls real bad I guess I`ll have to fire lapp the darn thing again, but next time I`ll put more rounds through it to make sure it`s right. Man can you go through a pile of patches breaking in a barrel when it`s rough. :(
  2. What brand of barrel do you have ? I have 3 centerfire 17's and never had a problem with fouling . I plan on getting a Mach IV in the near future .

  3. I have always wanted a 700BDL, I still kick myself that I didnt pick up one of the Classics a couple years ago.
  4. Brian,
    The barrel is a Remington. they had a recall on the .17 Rems. in model 700 so they put a new barrel on for me. The only problem I ever had with the old barrel was caused by useing Molly coated bullets. I also have 3 - .17`s. The 700 Rem. , and 2 contender barrels from Bullberry. 1 is a .17 K-Hornet. I push a 19 grn. Calhoon bullet at 3,600 fps. with it and it shoots about 1/2 MOA. The 3rd. barrel is also a Bullberry. It`s in .17-223. I haven`t fired it yet. I`ve got the brassed formed but none loaded. Really didn`t need it but it was one of those deal you just can`t pass up. :D
    If you passed up a .17 and varmint hunt you should get 20 lashes with a wet noodle. Everyone needs at least 1 .17 cal. varmint gun and the real varmint hunters need 3, Right Brain!!!! :D :D
  5. I would say that you need at least 3- 17's ! I am working on saving some $$$ for a 4th right now . I think that I really need a Mach IV ! It will probably be a Contender or Encore barrel from Bullberry . Then I need a 20 Tactical , 221 Fireball , a 6 BR , 6-284 , 257 WSM , 300 Ultra Mag , 338 Ultra Mag , 375 Ultra Mag and ....... The list goes on and on and on ...........................
    I just need to convince my wife that I NEED all of them .

    Mreey Christmas .
  6. I had a chance to get a Classic a couple years back but bought a couple scopes instead, I have called a couple shops and they say it will be after the first of the year before they get a BDL, Im trying to put some money back as I write this and possibly have another Varmint rifle before spring:D :p :D
  7. Here's a group from my 700 BDL 17 Remington . Gotta love them 17's ![​IMG]
  8. Hard to beat that kind of group, what powder are you useing? I never have tried the Starkes, I hear alot of people talking about them, are they very expensive?
  9. Brian,
    I`ve been contemplating getting a .19-223 Calhoon. I think it should be a great round, but as far as I know Calhoon is the only one that makes .19 cal. bullets. For that reason I have been wandering is maybe I would not be better off getting a .20 cal. round as there are acouple of manufactures of .20 cal. bullets. All of these wildcats and don`t know which to get next. It`s quite a conundrum.
  10. Smallie34 , That load was 24 grains of Varget with a 25 grain Starke bullet and Rem 7 1/2 primers . I know of a few 17 Remingtons that this load shoots really well in . As far as Starke bullets , they aren't realy tooo expensive . Starke bullets to me are worth every penny ! Check out their website .

    Catfish ,
    I have looked into the 19/223 Calhoon also . I was cautious for the same reason , only one bullet maker . I have been real impressed with everything that I have read about the 20 Tactical . I'll probably go with the .20 when I get around to it but who knows , I may end up with a 19/223 some day too .
    Sooooo many wildcats , sooooo little time (and money ) !
  11. 19-223 I havent read much about it, if there are a couple rounds that are a bit out of the norm that I would like to mess with it would be the 6MM TCU and 257 TCU.