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The joys of public!

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by JTyler, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. So 150+ acre public and i walk 20 min with climber so I'm away from anybody on a Monday morning. Set up and ready and here comes 2 guys and the first one sits on the ground not 20yds from me. I hit him with my light... But he stays. Ok fine.. The chances of that happening was slim,,,, right,,, how about this.. 30min after light I look up and spot a 120'' deer coming down the hill in front of ''US''. I look at him and he don't have his crossbow up. I'm getting my phone out to video because I wasnt going to shoot him and the guy moves and spooks him.... And guess what,, there's a bigger 140+ that had already came down the hill and was not 20yds beside this guy. The big buck runs back up towards me and stops 28 yds broadside for 2 minutes. The problem is that I'm directly in between the deer and that guy and the buck is just a staring! '' 0'' chance to pull my bow back and get a shot.. He runs off. The guy gets up after 10minutes... Comes and apologized.. And walked 40yds away and sits down again. And he stands and repositioned himself every 3 minutes... Bust of a morning... Lol. Thats just the way it works. No since in being mad hunting public!!!
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    At least you seen two bucks, and one shooter!!! And again, not slinging an arrow towards another hunter!!

  3. This is true!! I have bigger bucks on some of my private land I'd rather shoot.... But the bigger one of these two would ride home with me anyday!
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  4. This seems oddly common. I don't tolerate it. I was taught better. Next time ask if they are the guy that uses the urinal next to someone when the rest are unused. I would have gotten down in the loudest most annoying fashion possible. Coughing the whole way. Sometimes a little coughing will scare them into thinking your scaring the deer and they will move.
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  5. Id start playing music on my phone and singing along with it all while dancing in the stand.
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  6. Pretty normal on public land, last year I had a guy using a grunt tube like a musical instrument. Another time had a guy who didn't put down the rattle antlers for about a hour. You get used to this stuff, I like to respond with a couple grunts just to get their hopes up. Just never go back to that area for the season.
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  7. When he relocated 40 yds and i decided I was getting down... I did cough loudly. I've had this nasty cough for 2 weeks and had been holding it in all morning. And we all know how bad that stinks. And my climber was a bit more clanky
  8. Sh.t I woulda stared talking to my self out loud and pointing at the sky. Then faked a phone call and said these damn bats have found me agin. No I'm just fine with out my medication. No no your wrong....Oh bullish.t I know zombies are real... I'll be home with one this evening. Nooo I don't need my medication......... Or something close to that.
  9. Some people have no ETHICS .But some people just don't get what there doing in wrong.My Brother in=law was in his tree stand in the swamp a couple of guys drove up, (You notice I didn't say hunters) got out of truck, to fire there muzzle loaders to make sure they worked then went into the woods climbed trees not 30 yards on either side of him. He got down didn't say anything to them and left.