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WARNING: some adult content..........not that bad though

A happy rabbit is bouncing through the woods when he comes upon a giraffe rolling a doobie.

Giraffe, you shouldn't do that. Think of your health! You should come run through the woods with me;)
The giraffe looks at the spliff, tosses it over his shoulder and goes for a run with the rabbit.

They come across an elephant getting ready to do a line. The rabbit says "that's not good for you, you should come run through the woods with us:D "
The elephant looks down at the coke, pushes it aside and goes for a run with the rabbit and giraffe.

Scurrying about in the woods they run into a bear getting ready to shoot up some heroine. BEAR.........what's wrong with you? That's not good for your health.....come running with us:)
The bear throws all the goods away and runs off with the group when they run into a tiger drinking a six pack.

Tiger.......drinking isn't goo.......ahhhh......the tiger begins beating the hel out of the rabbit. The bear pulls him away, the tiger gets in another kick. "What's wrong with you:eek: ?"

That dam rabbit always wants me to run through the woods when he's on ecstasy:mad:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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