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Finally got into something with some size. What do you get when you see giant carp feasting on Cheeto's tossed to them by people in an accessible spot for my kayak? The following sequence of photos:

If you try it, be properly geared up and prepared. I was using my 9' 9wt rod, with a custom leader made up of 6' of 20lb mono knotted to 30lb PowerPro braid. I had the drag cranked excessively tight and did everything I could to simply not let them dive into the heavy cover and work free. I have never put the screws to a fish like that. The first one went 26 1/4" and the second went right at 24". I had my kayak anchored on those first two so I could really leverage them out, the 3rd I hooked and lost got me in the cover and worked free because I couldn't anchor in that spot.
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