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The Buzz

Discussion in 'BuckEye Saloon' started by cambridgezowie, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. So many things happen every day.I figured I would start this thread for everyone to come to and post tidbits about their day.As well as their peeves, the good,the bad,the ugly,the funny,interests,jokes, and if you like serve up a few cups of B.S!!!

    With that said, I will get this "Buzz"started!!:D

    So I think I may hold the world record in the state of Ohio for finding a yellow jackets nest in the ground and getting stung. Last week while I was weed eating I hit a nest in the ground and got stung in the ear.Last night I actually found the nest and poured it a healthy shot of gasoline. I think this is the earliest I've ever found one in the ground.Any ol wives tails about yellow jacket nest in the ground early,correlate with how winter will be. (I've heard they have been known to make a Preacher cuss when he accidentally finds them)

    Also one other thing that caught my attention here in the Great State of Ohio was, The woman who had a Gender revel party and was shot.I give my condolences to the family.( She lived) Yet when I saw a picture of her crying holding her belly that stuck out like a 5 month pregnant woman's belly would,and the headline read Woman has gender reveal party and wasn't even pregnant. I hate to say it I laughed and shook my head. Who does this kind of stuff. I mean really? :eek:
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  2. People on cell phones when driving, tail gating when you have your turn signal on and as your turning they almost hit you. Doing 30mph in a 50mph cause your on the phone!
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  3. It's been a good, bad and ugly far. It might change.

    The good:

    SWMBO and I knocked off early from our hectic retirement schedule and had a chocolate martini in the early afternoon. Then we checked out Briali Winery in Fremont, IN. After that, we were both feeling a little hungry, so we drove all the way over to Leisure Time Winery outside Napoleon, OH, for their chicken 'n cheese pizza. We were tuckered out by the time we returned home. We must be getting old.

    The bad: Serious news on the family front. (I hate serious news.)

    The ugly: So, I get the rear-tine tiller out of our shop to rework the strawberry patch. The thing starts right up (always a good sign) but I can't get the gear shift handle to move. After a brief embellishment of the manufacturer's heredity, I visually checked it out and could find no evidence of binding external linkage. Continuing with my opinion of the manufacturer and several of those in the industry, I could find no easy (the operative word) way of determining what was internally hanging up the gear box. So, with one last but long flurry of expletives, I reached down deep into my past military aircraft maintenance experience, headed back to the shop and returned with a heavy hammer and a block of wood. A few minor percussion adjustments and we were good-to-go.

    If you work for a living, why do you kill yourself working?
    Tuco, the Ugly
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  4. You crack me up! I always enjoy reading your posts!!!!!!
    Hope your family news has a good ending to it.
    The chicken and cheese pizza sounds delightful. As far as the hammer and a block of wood goes.We may be related!

    So today, I was laying out tile, in the bathroom I got it all laid out and was short two boxes.So I call Lowes they tell me their out of stock and it will now be a special order.Ugh I was pisssed to say the least. At this point I cannot lay the tile I got until I get the extra two boxes,seeing they will be coming from a different lot number I want to make sure they match.
    I swear the Lowes in Zanesville is like the mothership of where all the inbreed,incompetent people from the state of Ohio possibly the Northern pan handle of West Virginia go to find soulmates! I have so may problems with that store.

    On the good side.I did get out and put up a trail cam yesterday.During which the time of ten minutes it took me to set up.The frickin mosquitos damn near drained me.

    Also I saw an artical yesterday on the Ohio river being the dirtiest water in the USA. That soooo crazy.
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  5. the good, went to lake erie with the family last week
    the bad, only caught one fish..... the little ones caught more blue gill than I could count so, also good. (it is too hard to fish with little ones around)
    the ugly, part one..... good people of Ohio if you weight more than three bills do not wear a string bikini..... sorry I just threw up in my mouth..... please cover up a bit more.
    part two, trashy people of Ohio at a putt putt course, this is a game for children. please stop cussing ever three seconds. I don't care that your 2 and a half year old pounding mountain dew out of a sippy cup hears it all day. my children do not, and I hate having to tell them to make sure they never say the words you are using. when they do, I look like a bad parent....... STOP IT!
  6. The great. On vacation with a lot of family in northern mi. We watched 3 does graze in the yard tonight of the rental we are in for the week. I fed many people dinner with a mixed catch of smallmouth and gills that made my 85yr old gma very happy. The bad I guess. Im still in shock a non resident annual mi fishing license was 76 dollars. I guess I'll have to make a few more mi trips this year o well. Realizing I live in one of the worst places to hunt or fish in the Midwest makes me want to move bad.
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  7. Well next time ya go just take ten extra gulf balls and when there not looking drive them at them!
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  8. Sounds fun that's a lot to pay for a week tho. Wonder how much a ticket for no license 60dolllars jk

    I got a lot of family in traverse city Michigan I've never meet them or been their.I know at one point they had the third biggest farm in the state.Big in to cherrys I remember getting baskets of them from the family there. man they were goood.

    I was suppose to be on vacation right now with wife's side of family in San Abel island . At last minute had no one to watch dog or house so I got to stay home. Up setting but sh.t happens.

    If my memory serves me correct I recall my grandfather talking about a lake in Michigan.It has tagged fish and if you catch one they pay you money. I forget what the highest fish was but it was a bunch of money. Anyone know what lake that is?
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  9. It's almost canning season for some it all ready is . Just curious of how people can their peppers also what they stuff. In them if they do.

    I was talking to a buddy the other day he told me he stuffs his Hungarian peppers with sauerkraut. I have never heard of this. Sounds good tho. Just thought I would see what others do if they care to share.
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  10. I'd be best friends with those cherry farmers 4 visits and access to the region. It's awesome seeing those trees that look like vinvards across the hills. Crazy looking. I've been coming up here all my life I go into a few week depression returning home every year. I love all the beer from up here as well. Strong as hell to deal with winter I assume.
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  12. It does get a raise and every part that is broken can't be fixed .

    The good , 1st
    my daughter and grandson should be moving out in 2 - 3 weeks .
    I will be leaving on a vacation in 4 weeks . Going up north to sight see , fish , and do a bear hunt in Maine . I been doing a little practice shooting , just plinking some spinners at 50 yards with a .22 . I just been sitting in a chair shooting off a set of sticks .

    The BAD , Well that is just negative BS not worth talking about .

    The ugly , Because I'm going on vacation and won't be back tell Sept 11th I'm goin to set up a couple ground blinds before I leave . And as bad as the mosquitos are in my woods this year , well it's going to be ugly .
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  13. The good: Ticks down; mosquitoes down.
    The bad: Chiggers up.
    The ugly: I got into the chiggers. Guess where? Yep, that's why it's so ugly! At times, I resemble former MLB pitcher Jonathan Papelbon.
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  14. Soooooooooooooooo.....What you're saying is, you got your Ford, one size fits all, repair tool. :eek::rolleyes:
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  15. 1 word, THERMACELL. Better than sliced bread!!
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  16. the good=nothing whatsoever.

    the bad=truck needs work, bills need paid, life sucks!

    the end!
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  17. The good: Enjoying my second week of vacation.
    The bad: Spent the first week working harder around the house than I do at work!!! Removed and replaced all the doorway trim, window trim and baseboard in our living room with natural wood trim stained golden oak and coated with satin finish polyurethane. Painted the room pine bough green (similar to hunter green). Turned out beautiful!!! I will be doing the same to the entire house as far as the trim goes. I hate painted trim!!!
    Nothing ugly to report.
    Keep your chin up ohihunter. Life is good!!! In the words of the 93 year old owner of my company when I ask him how he's doing today: "I'm still above ground so life is good."
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  18. I was really hoping CZ post would have went something like this...

    The good: got my giant 300lbs dog i have been wanting, my rash went away, i took R tokers coyote back to him i stole for the coyote contests.

    the bad: wife threw my clothes all over the yard again, big ass dog became vicious and wont let me in the house so now I'm sleeping outside in the tool shed, my clothes the wife threw all over the yard are infested with chiggers, i caught a coyote in my snare trap and when bringing it home it came alive and attacked me.
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