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the bobber

Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by george tinkham, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. Hey,what you think of that bobber up there bobbin around?Makes me think of spring and summer.And Fishing.Camping.It just keeps bob bob bobbin bob bob bobbin along.
  2. I never look at the ads... ;)

  3. Could it be that "cabin fever " is asettin in George?I knnow what ya mean, the ole' Lund's patiently sittin in the garage rarin to go!
  4. yOU are right about cabin fever.I been thinking about getting a fly tying kit.Even went to the boat and rv show in Columbus today.
  5. WOW ...:yikes: WHO BLOWED THE DUST OFF THIS ..:rolleyes: ....:whistle: :D
  6. it would be nice if they showed em layin back settin the that kid on the boat hookin a walleye advertisement(fish patroll charters...:bouncy:
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  7. you guessed it coonie:dizzy:

  8. its under...SET THE HOOK!!!:mischeif:
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