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Thanks guys

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowfishing' started by Caribou Dreamer2, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. Thanks alot steve can't wait to see this one grow
  2. This should be interesting........

  3. Oh, I'm sure we'll all find out soon enough:rolleyes: :D
  4. Hmmmm is this good or bad.Bowfishing is just another sport here guys.:confused:
  5. i think this will grow.THANKS again STEVE
  6. I think what BB is refering to is that alot of fisherman, dont apove of shooting fish with the bow, and not eating them????..I am not going to get into any mudslinging, but how bout you bowfisherman cleaning out some of them stinking gar:D
  7. I really don't have anything against it. However in a few other forums it has started it's fair share of _ _ _ _.

    Besides carp and gar, what can you bow fish for?
  8. You can only bowfish for forage fish(junk fish)as in carp, suckers, gars,and buffalos etc.By law you can not shoot any game fish at all period and believe me i could have shot alot of bass and cats to.Hope this helps out.Smoked carp and gar are pretty good to eat but would not eat them any other way.
    I know what you mean about the bull_ -_- on other forums i have been into with them myself about bowfishing and trying to get them to understand that bowfishing is a sport just like fishing, hunting, trapping.This is why i ask steve to put on a bowfishing sub forum so us bowfishing people could talked and help each other out without offending any of you fishing people on your sections to talk fishing or hunting.
    One pointer is alot of my info on the lakes have came from the bass fishing people. I have been on the lakes and during tournaments they have told me were they are seeing carp and even have showed me some good spots for carp.Carp will destroy nesting and spawning areas.I can stand up for my self to say that i dont just go out there and shoot every fish i see i would have to say i passed on more carp last year than i shot i only shoot the big one.
    Thanks for your understanding
  9. well said there CARIBOU DREAMER2.we dont shoot every fish.
  10. Ditto on that. I've had days where I'm surrounded (literally) by hundreds of carp, and not shot a single one. Unless it's a tournament, I don't feel I need to shoot everything in sight. I usually hold out for the bigger specimans.

    I hope this sub-forum doesn't get yanked because of people arguing. We'll see.......
  11. Some guys in the forums are carp anglers and hold the carp in high reguard. Also don't want the bowfishing to exist at all, but we do. They will whine about killing the fish and such. But i have talked to bass fisherman and they love the carp to be gone and like Jack said he would like the gar taken care of and he is a catfisherman, I tell people if you haven't tried it don't knock it. But to each his own. I'm glad there is a place the bowfisherman can talk about what we like to do same as the other fishing forums doing the same thing.;)
  12. Let me ask this, do you guys bowfish while the carp are in the shallows for their spawn, when you see them in big numbers and they are not feeding?
  13. I bowfish for carp whenever I can find them! There are not enough bowfisherman out there to ever put any kind of a dent in the carp population.
  14. I bowfish all summer long but yes the spawn is the biggest time of the year that is when we see most of the fish and in large numbers and yes in the shallows.
  15. caribou dreamer2, good choice of words there brother , maybe some day we could get together to shoot some big ones. the ones that think that bow fishing is b.s i invite you to come out and try it one time, i bet that you would keep on doing it, and i bet that you would spend just as much time bow fishing as you would fishing with a rod and reel. i speek from experience, i was a die hard cat fisherman. now i bow fish more than i doany other kind of fishing
  16. Thanks spencerstud i try to support our sport and help out anybody that wants to give it a try,We will try and do some bow fishing come this spring just keep in touch on here and we will all hook up some place and try our luck out.