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Discussion in '2017 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by lphc, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. lphc is checking in
  2. Rfair checking in can't wait to get this started!

  3. make sure you get your missing teamates p.m.d and get them signed up before saturday guys!! Good luck this winter!!
  4. holy smokes, I didn't know I was in, sorry fellas. I thought I was an alt. checking in.
  5. Yea Kyle the other two guys signed up couldn't play due to rules, so your in!!! Good luck this season!!
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  6. thanks buddy! you too.
  7. I messaged the other 2 guys to get checked in. I'm ready for the season to open. Whatt county you guys in? I'm from van wert. Northwest part of state.
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  8. I'm from Warren county southern Ohio I hunt mostly in Jackson and vinton county in s east ohio
  9. I hunt Fairfield and pickaway, I don't really jump into a stand until the corn comes off. No point, there is too much food. But when the corn is gone, I'll be singing a different song.
  10. We need a team name and a captain. I messaged the other guys and haven't heard anything they have till noon tomorrow. Any ideas ?
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  11. You guys are missing seang22 and caseyman I believe is the other one!!
  12. Kyle, I will be on the river with the family tomorrow, can you send those guys messages one more time in the morning?? Thanks!!
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  13. Wow awfully lonely in this room.

    If you guys are looking for a team name
    ...... I would recommend..........

    .....HaLF TEAM.....

    Lol hope you guys get it together, and have a great season.
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  14. We have some alternates who wanna play, so either way, it won't be lonely very long!!!! If they aren't signed in by noon, I will message ya two alternates tonight when I get home!!! Ok leaving for the river guys!!
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  15. lol, we are the 2 percent milk of this contest.
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  16. have a good time!!
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  17. Cutoff to check in with team is here. Bryan called me this morning and asked me to let you guys know he will assign alternates to teams when he gets home tonight. Good luck this season guys!!!
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  18. Sounds good good luck to you guys also have fun be safe and shoot straight!!!
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