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Team Lucky 13

Discussion in '2012 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by whack&stack, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Does our team have a thread yet I couldn't find one.
  2. I think you made the check in checking in...

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  3. Dang so I beat all the residents to the check in thread lol. Can't wait to get after em
  4. What's up guys, checking in. Ready to get this season going.

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  5. Checking in. Looking forward to a great season. Looks like we got lucky #13.
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  6. Lucky 13 gonna do just fine. We got the heat seeking rocket launcher of a bow on our team. The xXx-Roid. It should at least scare a few deer to death even if I don't hit em lol
  7. Anybody gettin any good trail cam pics?
  8. All I can say is yes. They are not mine to share though. Unfortunatly for our team I will be trying to film a team 1 member shooting the biggest one opening weekend lol

  9. :bouncy:
  10. I think lucky 13 would work for a name.....Or lucky number 13...Would match my avatar :biggrin:
  11. Works for me!
  12. Lol wow we are creative. Lucky-13 maybe we could have a upside horseshoe for our symbol lol
  13. Hey guys just checking in
  14. Awesome! ALL ABOARD!! :bouncy:
  15. Was shooting the roid at 40 & 50 today testing fixed blade flight. Ready to rock
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  16. So fellas lets get to know each other!

    My name is Austin and Im a junior at Capital U. I major in Environmental Science and Biology. I also play football which will keep me outta the stand some. Most of my hunting will be done after season. As you can probably tell, Im an avid bowfisherman but also hunt for about everything and trap. AND am planning on stickin my second Pope and Young buck this year :)