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Team Double Duece

Discussion in '2012 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by davies2097, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Hey guys. My name is Matt. I'm from the North Canton area. I hunt a 450 lease in Harrison and Tuscarawas Counties. I shoot a Bear Charge with Rage broadheads! I don't know how much I will be able to help this year, as my wife is pregnant with quadruplets....yes, quadruplets! I plan on trying to hunt as much as possible until mid November, then I may be MIA. Good luck borthers! Lets win it this year! Any ideas on a team name?
  2. Hey everyone ,my name is jake im 17, shoot a Diamond Stud at 67 lbs with Slicktrick magnums and easton axis arrows. i hunt on average 2-3 times a week. last year i was able to harvest a 138" ten point and 2 does. I hunt in Medina county and our property in harrison county. hopefully we can all do well this year and put some meat on the table and rack on the wall. ill have to do some thinking about a team name. Lets tear em up

  3. Checking in guys.. Let's come up with a name..:D

  4. Congrats to you! What a blessing. How is your wife doing?
  5. Checkin in!

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  6. BuckHunter, where is your property in Harrison County? My lease is in Stillwater, near Uhrichsville.

    Muzzy, My wife is 18 weeks pregnant with our quads. So far she is doing well. She's starting to get some back pain, and things are becoming more difficult for her. The doctors are keeping a close eye on her and the babies. We go visit the doc every 2 weeks. All the babies seam to be doing well so far too. Found out last week that it looks like we will be having 2 boys and 2 girls. We are very excited. I know that God has a plan and it's in his hands. If any of you are interested, you can follow us on our Facebook page @ . Thanks for asking Muzzy.
  7. Good morning guys... checking in for Team 22. My name is Jeff, I hunt pretty much up here in NW Ohio (Wood Co) with my 2 sons (12 and 10 y/o). We have a small farm up here and usually have some pretty decent luck. I should be able to be a good teammate with a decent buck and some youth points. How about some ideas for team name? What about "backstrap burglers" ha ha I'll ask the boys if they can think of any good names and throw them out here for you all to decide.
    Look forward to hearing more about the team members. Take care! Jeff
  8. Hey guys ,
    Just checking in ... I hunt south central Ohio ( mostly public land )
    I may be in and out for the Nxt few wkd as I am super busy but am on board and don't wait on me for a name , I'm good with most anything ;)
  9. Davies, its almost in belmont, in new athens, near cadiz
  10. Howdy, I hunt se ohio. Guernsey county where the big boys hang out

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  11. buckhunter1, I believe you are on Team 23 and buckhunter is on Team 22.
  12. Since they gave us the number 22 how about Team Double Deuce? Simple... but effective. Just a thought. :D
  13. Checking In

    My name is Larry and I hunt Pickaway County and Morgan County. I've taken bucks each of the last 3 years in Morgan. I bow hunt as well as Shotgun and have been seeing a few over 140" so I'm very hopeful! I plan to harvest at least 2 does as well as good buck this year! I bought a new freezer that I'm dying to fill!
  14. Team name?

    I'm fine with anyname but we need to pick one soon!
  15. Well thats embarassing... Haha

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  16. I'm fine with Double Dueces. Does anyone know how to change the Title from "Team 22 Check in" to "Double Dueces"? I can't figure it out
  17. I sent a pm to have it changed.. I would assume to hear back shortly.
  18. wheres everyone hunting as far as stand location goes? ill be hunting a brushy ravine with a small clearing at the bottom of a ridge, and another spot from a groundblind on the edge of a bean field, as well as a blind in a 2 acre travel route behind my house
  19. The farm I hunt is mostly corn this year. I have a few stands set up. 2 of them are on the edge of corn fields. The other is in a heavy wooded area along a creek bank.
  20. went and checked my camera...336 daytime pics in 14 days. all doe and one spike.. i hear backstraps callin my name :)