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Team 9 "Waddle Wackers"

Discussion in '2018 Team Turkey Contest' started by Ty Roberts, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Checking in for team 9 let's get this show on the road !!!!

  2. Bryan six

    Bryan six Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Hmmm maybe some competition here I see??
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  3. #cantstoptheflop2018
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  4. Team name ideas ?
    *Beard Busters
    *Longbeard assassin's
    *Waddle Wackers
    Just a couple ideas need some input guys
  5. Not hung up on names here for all I care it could be anything y’all decide. I’m headed to the farm in Ky to get warmed up Friday.

    Good to see we are on the same team this year BD we can really get after some of those clowns on the other teams this year.

    This year might be tough for me I was just informed last week my private property I’ve been hunting was given to a couple cops exclusively this year. Can’t really blame him they take real good care of him.

    Still Bubba not a happy camper I take a Navy vet out the first week every year in Ohio and try to put a bird in his lap and this year just got a lot tougher. Looks like I’m back on public land which I have been successful on, but I’m getting too old, too slow, and way to fat to duck shot shell anymore.
  6. I'm good with (almost) anything you decide. ;)

    Where is everyone hunting this year? I'm up in Ashtabula county in the tundra of the Northeast zone. No sign of the winter flock breaking up yet. Probably next week they will start breaking up a little bit.
  7. Just sent JTyler a message. Hopefully he'll check in soon.
  8. I'll be in licking, muskingum,Perry counties. Just picked up couple new farms to hunt so I'm getting excited
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  9. Clinton, highland, Adams, and possibly Brown
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  10. Team 9 waddle Wackers let's do this !!!!
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  11. Team 9 let's get ready for opening day. What kind of gear is everyone using ?
    Shotgun: Remington 870 express
    Ammo:Remington nitro turkey 3" 5 shot
    Calls: Custom glass call from bills custom calls and mouth calls from Otx game calls
    Decoys: Avian X 1/4 strut Jake , Breeder Hen, Lay down hen
  12. Shotgun: Remington 870 express in 20 gauge
    Ammo: Federal (whatever their version of heavyweight shot), 3" shell, I've got some No.7 shot and also some 3rd degree that has the 3 different sizes of shot in it.
    Calls: Blodgett slate over glass, a little Do-Ral (I think that's the brand) one handed call, and one of those Quaker boy push pin (or whatever they are called) calls. I have a few others in the drawer but it's rare that I take anything but those three calls.
    Decoys: I've got a variety. Rarely use them. Most are Flambeau.
  13. I’m warmed up an ready to go

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  14. Hard rain this morning so I rolled over and went back to sleep and was woke up by natures alarm clock at about 9:30 right outside my window

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  15. Haha I was getting ready to say!!!! Starting the season of early. Nice job and nice bird man congrats