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team 9 "Feather Busters"

Discussion in '2017 Team Turkey contest' started by BillsCustomCalls, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. About time I thought you were slacking LOL
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  2. One more and we will all be checked in.Is it safe to say we can start throwing team names out
  3. I'm here just got back from Tennessee.
  4. Ok we are all here Lets get a name
    Feather Busters
    Jelly heads
    Gobbler Down
    Come on fellers throw some out there
  5. My urban turkey flock has been small this year. It's starting to scare me. If they are not around it could hurt my chances this year. It's at my shop which allows me to hunt them often.
    I shot a 11.5 incher 24lber with the bow last year there. I hope they show back up..

    If not I'll hunt Adams county. My Highland co property doesn't allow turkey hunting and they are loaded with them. What do you think about trying public land? WNF?

    Where's everyone else huntin
  6. I have never hunted the WNF anything is worth a chance do some scouting and look for signs and that is where i would hunt
  7. Hunting public, and maybe Jackson and Meigs
  8. I am hunting NE Coshocton and Western Tuscarawas Counties
  9. How about

    Bad mother fuc+++s?

    Sorry I couldn't help it. Lol
  10. Or What about
    Feather Busters
    Jelly heads
    Gobbler Down
  11. I'll go with whatever you guys pick...Gobble Gobble BOOM!!!
  12. That works for me.

    By the way I still have turkeys!
  13. I'm good with whatever on name
  14. I have my youth hunter all lined up I heard about 15 different gobblers across the road where I can't hunt but I will do my best to call one across if that is what it takes
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  15. Good Luck...should be a lot of fun.
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  16. 15 different gobblers !!!WOW Sounds like you need to call in your teammates to help thin them out:D:D:D
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