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Team 9 All Bucked Up

Discussion in '2017 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by Bryan six, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. I'm here guys, gonna be busy running the contest but I'll hunt a bunch and I'll be here!!! Any team names??? I'm good with whatever you guys decide!!!
  2. I am here checking in
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  3. I think we need Bama to check in yet Ok guys lets make naming this team a team effort I named our team last year and we were very close to last place LOL lets pick a winning name this year
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  4. Sounds good to me!! I p.m.d Bama yesterday to let him know to check in!!
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  5. I sent Bama a message this evening so I am sure he will show up
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  6. I'm not very good with nicknames but I'll think on it
  7. Yea it's only been a couple days, just reminded the teams to get their guys together!! Do you guys have any good hit list bucks yet??? I have two mature deer to go after, possibly a third!! He looks like a bull but haven't been close enough to estimate age yet. He will do over 140 pretty easy I think, but he may only be three. I have been trying to get a 4 plus old now going on three years, it's really hard not to take those 130 ish three year olds but man, they grow so much horn between three and five it's rediculous! I know one thing, no more pope and Young's going past me on public land, that's for sure!! On the new property they can walk cause the whole area is hunted for mature deer, but I'm sick of passing nice bucks on public just to see someone dragging them out the next day, it's depressing!!
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  8. I only have 2 on cam one 8 point 3 year old guessing 117 and a lil 4 point I am sure there are others here just havn't seen them yet
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  9. Didn't you have that nice one show up on the hill at your place last year, or was that uncle Mike?????
  10. That was me I haven't seen him yet this season
    So I am waiting to see him
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  11. That's what I thought!! He is still there, I bet he shows himself around the same time too!!! I've seen that happen a few times!! Come in like a ghost and go out just as quick!! Needs be on that bank the same week this year, never know????
  12. What about you kornfed?? You hot your eyes on any???
  13. It's hard to come up with something original!! But I don't even care if it is original, as long as it's catchy!!

  14. He showed up after season Last year
  15. He is there somewhere close!!!
  16. Maybe he will run a hot doe by your stand come november!!!!
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  17. That would be awesome
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