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Team 8 Ribcage Ticklers

Discussion in '2012 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by Revdillon, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. btw, my names dillon.. the majority of my hunting is in miami county.. i kill deer every year.. not promising anything special.. good luck everyone!

  2. Im here..Cant promise much this year...We will just let the cards unfold...Not real optimistic about it though. good luck to everyone
  3. I'm here also. My name is Gary I hunt Stark and Carroll counties mostly. I have a few big bucks on cam but seeing them is another story. I will promise you though I will hunt as hard as ever for them.
  4. We are just waiting on a couple of guys I check in. Any suggestions for a team name? I like Rack stacker.
  5. I like that.. if I think of anything, ill post it

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  6. Checking in all, my names Albert.

    I hunt Noble, Athens, and a bit of Lorain county.

    I have a few good bucks on camera, can not promise anything. I will try to kill does early.
  7. That's all we ask Albert. =) good to meet you.
  8. checkin im names kevin hunt medina an gurnsey an backyard
  9. anyone gunna post pics of some bucks they are after?
  10. I would if I had some. Rough year
  11. rough year?!

    i've seen some of the deer you've killed, i didn't think "rough year" existed in your dictionary lol.. hope it gets better for you!

    i've got some good deer on camera, just haven't had the time to upload them onto the computer.. my trouble is gettin an arrow in a big buck
  12. I know what your saying Dillon. But it's not impossible so I know your time will come.

    Here is my hitlist for the year. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1347538426.974174.jpg
  13. That 12 is awesome..

    I havent seen or gotten a photo of a deer I would shoot yet...Its not looknig promising
  14. I agree those are some nice deer!

    I have only one buck that is 100 percent a shooter on my cams, that's it so far, but I have a piece of ground that I know holds some solid 140+ so lets keep the fingers crossed.
  15. Thanks. But I'd be happy with any of them haha
  16. So we are just waiting on padeerchaser?
  17. here is one buck, I think id pass on him but he is unique!

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  18. Hi Fellas,

    My name is Alec. I live in Northeast PA in the Wilkes Barre/Scranton area. I hunt in Athens county with my brother and father. We were out in August for a work weekend and set up cameras then, so I won't have pics until our next trip out (Oct 5th).

    My dad hunted for the first time about 5 years ago (he's 65) and is now completely hooked. My brother (33) finally came out with us 2 years ago and is completely hooked too.

    I spend a lot of my efforts trying to put them on deer, which somehow keeps working out really well for me. I put them in what I'm certain are our best stands and then go sit under some random tree...and nice bucks keep walking past me! lol

    Anyway, we have a lot of fun hunting together and seem to always manage to put some deer on the ground in the process.

    So, with any luck, I'll be able to contribute a buck and doe to the mix. I will certainly put in the time and effort.

    I look forward to getting to know you guys better, and to everyone having a safe and successful season.