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Team 8 Check In

Discussion in '2017 Team Turkey contest' started by GobblinChimp, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Winning team, please check in here.
  2. I'm in the right place....l

  3. I could live with that outcome. Gonna have to earn it though. I'm ready to go to work.
  4. It's a hard hunt where I am. Theirs turkeys for sure but their is a boat load of hens I mean a boat load last year I really didn't hear much gobbling. Due to all the hens I was seeing gobblers with six to fifteen hens still in tow ate the end of season. I think I will be able to pull one out of the hat tho.
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  5. Looks like we need one more to reply.
  6. miketruax

    miketruax Staff Member Super Mod

    Your replacement member is kornfed65 I pmed him to check in asap
  7. right here. kornfed checking in. looking forward to the season though im gunna miss out on my best week thanks to the push back. hunting here on the north coast, may get down to the cbus area once to help out the nefew.
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  8. Welcome aboard. Glad to see you got a turkey in your avatar.

    I'm going to W.V. Thursday for 4 days to get a jump on the season. Going with 3 other couples so probably won't get out much, but might get lucky. Unfortunately it will keep me from getting out on Ohio opening day, but will have plenty of time later to get after it. Good luck all (team 8 only).
  9. good luck W.V. ya never know i too will miss the northern opener anniverisary on the 5th taking off the 3rd thru the 8th and should get some time out somewhere. still might get in on the southern opener thats now become dependent on my workioad
  10. You guys should use So Close as a team name lol!!!!!!
  11. Blahahahahahaha.....!;)
  12. Good luck Ben in WV. I will be out first morning. I usually do my better in second half of the season.I don't like to rush things.But if the opportunity to take a nice bird arises I won't hold back.
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  13. Well ****!. For some reason I can't seem to see the thread for team check-in on my phone. Had to browse unread topics to see this. I see you already have an alternate. My bad. Sorry for the mix up. Good luck this season.
  14. Well fellas I think it's time we get a Team name .I got my bag put together.Just need to condition my calls and good to go. Anyone taking a youth?
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  15. How is the bird situation up your way CZ, do you have some birds located yet???
  16. Well I havnt heard any gobbling from the house in the mornings. They stopped coming out in the fields here about a week ago. Have not saw anything with over a 7 inch beard.I don't really go out and roost the birds here. Just catch one slipping as I go I guess.sorta tuff hunt here at my place. If I get them goin out back theirs a guy who will slip in on them let me do the calling and shoot them so. If their not on my side of the road when they gobble. I shut it down.I have got the guy a few birds that I've came to the conclusion I will let him get his own bird...unless he asks me to help him. I wouldn't mind if it was a planned thing.but when you got one coming and a fella goes out of his way to get in front of sorta p.sses ya off. Turkeys here last year weren't very vocal we have a crap ton of hens. I usually go to my neighbors and hunt send their better down the way a quarter mile or so. Plus I know no one can slip in on me. I got other better places to hunt where the birds are super vocal at least they use to be. I just do t want to drive 45 minutes by myself to hunt alone. So I just stick close to home. I'll get one by season end. I do better in the last two weeks than the first here. Gonna go buy a tag tommrow condition my calls and we'll see what happens. For the most part tho I know the lay of the land around here so I just do it on the fly. I know where they are at or are gonna be eventually.I have different spots for differ t times if the day. Run and gun. I think most people know where the turkeys will be if they have hunted the property enuff. It's just a matter of when. I really don't think I will get one until the second week and it will be after ten am. If I was a betting man. You know how it is tho I'll be out their every chance I get.
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  17. That's what I'm talking about!!
  18. Wondering where all my teammates are ?
  19. well ive been getting ready little by little, was suppose to have a cousin over with his son today. that didnt happen, my woose arse cousin said it was to cold and wasn't coming, 2nd year in a row he's done this and both times he set it up. so a little fustrated today. Normally this week would be my prime week, but i won't get at it for another with the new rules. might venture south over the next weekend been google scouting some public in portage and summitt.
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  20. Sounds like you need to invite your cousin over for cook out the day you plan on going fishing.Oops I mention it was at the lake.I had you the biggest steak a fella could ask for with one h.ll of a lobster tail to go with it...... Something like that always is great to go with being stood up. Then send him a pic of you eating it!
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