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Team 7 Locked and Loaded

Discussion in '2012 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by just Hunt, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I'm Rich... only by name though. I look forward to learning
    more about each of you. I generally hunt my property exclusively in Miami
    county. However, growing up here and deer hunting here 35 years, I have
    many back- up spots. I set high standards for myself each season but am
    also a team player. I hunt with all legal weapons and am out an average of 100 days during years I don't fill my tag. Sign in and lets get it going!
  2. welp I just posted one at the same time!

    I will be hunting Henry, Crawford counties mostly. Live in Waterville near Toledo so will try to hunt close to home when I can. Right now I crossbow hunt during Archery and will gun hunt as well. Hoping to take my first archery buck this year but telling myself I will wait till a nice one comes. I will also try to take a youth out for sure.

    My name is Cameron by the way.

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    Going to delete your duplicate check in thread.
  4. I'm Dave and will be hunting mostly in the Pickerington (Fairfield County) and Sunbury (Delaware County) areas. Looking forward to this season as I ate tag soup last year. I've committed to only shooting a larger buck than the one in my avatar and letting the smaller ones grow a little. Hopefully the ones I passed on last year will have grown a little.

    I own 2.5 acres with a wooded ravine that fortunately backs up to a 60 acre farm. I planted a food plot on the bottom land so my expectations of shooting at least a doe off it are high.

    Looking forward to hearing more about my team mates.
  5. Hey guys names Ryan, hunt in Geauga County mostly, currently taking a break hunting my 12 acres to get the deer numbers up, but I primarily hunt in some urban areas that are just loaded with does and some monster bucks, hope I can put the smackdown on of the bruisers, too bad they arent showin up on the trail cam yet
  6. Hello Guys. I think we have to come up with a name...start thinking about it now I guess. Looks like this team is scattered across the state, Cameron and Ryan from
    northern Ohio and Dave around Columbus. Me, north of Dayton area. Curious to see where the two other guys are from.
    Can't wait to get into the woods....
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  7. Here's an idea for team name: The Silent Seven, alluding to our team number and I think it sounds badass
  8. The Silent Seven... um...pretty good start & better than my "nothing" . :D
    We are "Bad A$$" though! Not trash talk either...cause we walk the walk
    and can talk the talk!! Let's get it on!!! :rant::rant:
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  9. heck yea buddy we are gonna be sitting at the top once the dust settles this season:coolgleamA:
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  10. Nice guys!

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  11. im here

    hey guys...Im David...from SE area..Mainly hunt athens,meigs, and hocking county...Study public land alot and thats where I get most my deer.. Looking forward to a great season...first thought that came to mind for a team name is DROP ZONE
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  12. Hello David. Welcome!
    Two team #7 names have been thrown out...Team Silent Seven and Team Drop Zone, both pretty catchy. I'll have to come up with one and hopefully each of
    us will at least think of one. Feel free to throw out a second if you wish.
    Everyone but J.Decker has checked in. I know he is out there. He has been a
    frequent poster since he joined the site and has had some solid input to threads. :thumbs_up:
    Hey J.Decker my friend, acknowledge your team !!
    Teamsters, what are your huntings goals for the season and goals for this awesome,
    bad A$$ team??? Spill your guts guys, but don't mention :shhh:our "secret weapon" yet.
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  13. Team # 7,
    I guess since I mentioned to spill our guts, I'should start.
    My season goal is to kill another Buckeye Big Buck Club entry regardless of weapon. I generally start with a few >150 on my hit list. As the season progresses,
    my goals stay the same. My long term goal is to shoot one with a pistol (.357 Mag)
    to finish a Buckeye Big Buck Club / ODNR grand slam. However, I still hunt nearly every day before gun season and will not pass on a few and far between opportunity.
    Contest goals would be to score as many points as I can w/o straying from my personal season goals. I'd like to harvest a doe with my recurve. Take a youth
    hunting and shoot a fifty-pointer for 55 team points :thumbs_up::D.
    I hunt with every legal wepon. I shoot a Mathews ultramax, a Ten Point Turbo XLTII Xbow, Shotgun, Muzzleloader and pistol. Choice of weapon depends on season and hunting location or if my wife is accompanying me.
    Let's here about you guys. I'm interested in knowing more than just a name.
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  14. Well I currently shoot a Hoyt Tenacity for bow season and just have an 870 for deer. Goals for the season are to put down a nice sized buck if I'm lucky, and I'm hunting some urban land this season on these people's property we do landscaping for that essentially want all the deer taken out, so I'm going to do my best to make sure that happens. Most of the meat will end up being donated, usually I only need one or two deer and I'm set for a while. I have my trail cam set out on the property and have just gotten pictures of does, but I know there are some monster bucks in there because I missed twice last year and didn't have a shot a few other times. Hopefully this year is the year.
  15. Guys, I just sent J.Decker a PM. I'm confident he'll join in. From his previous posts, I believe he will be an asset for our team. Let's get it done!!
    I'm still trying to think of some other choices for a name. Comment at will fellas,
    lets make this a season to remember!! I'm ALL in! :thumbs_up:
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  16. Sorry gentlemen, I've been away most of the week. I'll be hunting Carroll County this season. I just bought a house out on Leesville and have found a nice stand of white oaks that are beginning to drop acorns. I got my trail cams out last weekend and am seeing some good deer running through the area.
    My goals this year are to get my son out with me for his first hunting experience. He's 4 and a half years old and will not be put off another year. He want's to get out there worse than I do, not that he's going to be shooting at anything. I'll go sit in a ground blind with him one of these afternoons and try to keep him quiet, maybe we'll get lucky. I'm also looking for that big mature buck. I will let the younger ones pass if they don't measure up. Meat is also a priority so does go down too. What I don't keep will be donated. Can't wait to start taggin em.
    I crushed my hand a couple years ago at work, broke it in 5 places. Now that it's full of screws and plates, drawing my compound is painful to say the least so I'll be hunting with a Horton Vision 175 this year. Thank God for crossbows. I haven't decided if I'm going to grab the Mossberg this year or not, we'll see. That's about it guys. Good luck and good hunting.
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  17. How do you like Carroll County so far J. Decker, there's a nice looking farm up for auction in Brown township that I'll hopefully be attending, hopefully. Looking for a nice little hobby farm/hunting ground thats farther out in the country than I already am

  18. I love it out there. It's beautiful, the deer are plentyful and I hear turkey in the woods. Leesville has some amazing Muskie fishing and I hear the bass fishin is pretty good too. I've spent most of my time out there in the house painting and making it ours but I do get out in the woods quite a bit scouting and setting trail cams. The house boarders public land that is really hard to access if you don't have property there and my neighbors tell me it doesn't get hunted much at all. From what I've seen on my trail cams, I have to agree. There are a lot of deer running around the area. In short...I can't say enough about the place. Eventually, I'll sell the house I'm in full time now and move out there.
  19. Team # 7 " " Locked and loaded!! All have been accounted for...
    Team name??? What you guys thinking??? Heck, "Locked and Loaded" don't sound half bad. I wasn't even thinking about it either. Ha.
    Josh, sounds like you have a piece of heaven in yours hands. Congrats!!
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  20. Thanks. I'm really excited about the place. We closed on it 2 weeks ago so the timing couldn't be any better. I'll be out there again this weekend finishing the painting and having furniture delivered. Can't wait to get out of Stark Co.
    Locked n loaded?? I'm good with that. Since I'll be away for the weekend, I trust that you guys can come up with a good name that gets the point across. Whatever ya'll decide I'll support as long as it's not something like Barney and Friends or Powerpuff Girls. lol
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