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Discussion in '2017 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by Wildlife, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. Wildlife checking in. Pumped for the new season! Please to meet your acquaintance. Looking forward to working with you guys. Don't hesitate in getting in touch with me anytime throughout the season for pretty much anything Whitetail related. Good luck and let's have some fun!
  2. 'TEAM XTREME' - will be my suggestion for the team name, however I'm open to anything. I just wanted to put my 2 cents in. Please throw out something we all can chew on, and we'll decide as a team. Appreciate it!
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  3. Bio info:

    I'm married, father of two boys currently in college, business owner of a technical consulting company, rescue dogs and I absolutely love the outdoor life. My wife is an Ohio native and I have lived in Ohio since 1992. USAF Military Veteran. I didn't start hunting Ohio Whitetail until 2007 due to work reasons, that also includes 2013, 14 and 15. We live in Ross County, clear out in the country. I hunt a 1,100 acre farm with plenty of wildlife. Last year was the first year I hunted it. I hunted the entire season just so I could learn the lay of the land, the quality of the deer herd and behavior throughout the entire season, along with other hunters in the immediate area. I learned plenty! I'm a big time compound bow and gun hunter. I originated from upstate New York, Adirondack area. Hunting and fishing was a way of life for me as a kid. Last season I let many good bucks pass and harvested a wise old doe.

    I created an OS thread during last season called, 'Attention new youth hunters!' where I took a youth out from Missouri for his first time successful deer bow hunt. I'll most likely do the same this season. I also created another thread this year called, '2017 Wildlife' in the deer cam forum. That's where I'll place my videos and photos of the deer. I like to document and collect data for obvious reference reasons. I have several hunting locations that will accommodate most any kind of weather condition and/or day time hour. Last year was the first time I participated in this contest. I truly enjoyed it. I truly look forward to this new season. It should be a good one for me. I absolutely wish all hunters great success while in the field. I wish to make myself available to all of you throughout the hunting season should you have any questions or concerns at all. Please don't hesitate in contacting me. Send me a PM. I look forward to meeting all of you one day!
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  4. checking in from portage county
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  5. Checking in. Welcome Wildlife and bowhunter4ever. Nice bio Wildlife, looking forward to another year of deer hunting.
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  6. Checking in as well
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  7. Schu72

    Schu72 Staff Member Mod

    Scott here, live in Portage Co., but do nearly all of my hunting in Belmont. I have 2 boys 12&14. THe older likes to hunt, the younger prefers fishing. Good luck to all.
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  8. Glad to see a prompt check in guys. Hopefully that's a good sign of good things to come. Now all we need at the moment is a cool team name. Throw something out there and let's see what we can come up with. Appreciate it!
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  9. Schu72

    Schu72 Staff Member Mod

    Been shooting quite a bit. This was one of my groups from 40 yards last week. 5 of the 6 are tight, one flier.

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  10. NICE!

    I'm currently setting up my bow with my new sight. Taking a break at the moment and getting into shorts. It's a bit warm out. Down to just minor adjustments and I'm absolutely thrilled with it already. I'm shooting at 60 yards now with consistent small paper plate groups. Love my single pin 'HHA King Pin Optimizer'! Wish I made the move sooner.
  11. That's a group schu!!!

  12. well i,ll be hunting at my daughters house opening day. ive been after a big boy for 3 years there. the other day went to check stand did,nt get 30 yards into woods and was greeted by him. we both just turned and walked away from each other. the daughter said he has been all around the pond and eating the crab apples and pears in the yard in the middle of the day. it,s about time he came outa the big thicket behind house. now i hope he holds this pattern a couple more weeks. other than that i hunt in athens county in the WNF
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  13. Looks like everyone is accounted for. I will be spending most of my days in Lorain County.
    I"ve got some smaller bucks on camera, hoping to get a larger one. I will be hunting almost every Monday and partial days here and there. The deer have been really active as have the turkeys. Maybe a double header this year?
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  14. Good morning fellas. I came up with a few other names to possibly consider. We need to come up with something soon. What do you think?


    A few more before I hit the hay,

    'WACK & STACK'
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  15. Looks like to walked up and stuck them in the target! Anyone can shoot a foam block!

    joking! Just trying to get a little trash talk started:)
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  16. Schu72

    Schu72 Staff Member Mod

    No worries...I'm sure it gets boring in between replenishing your corn piles!:evilsmile:hide:
  17. Corn wasn't producing the results I wanted. This year I moved to surf and turf, lobster and other high end foods. It's a lot of work but the feeling of success, patterning a deer with unaltered habits and raw scouting talent,,,,,as well as sitting behind another Booner will be well worth it.
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  18. Thought of a few more potential team names last night. Need some feedback or hear some others. Let's hear it!
  19. Okay, a couple more team names out of me and that's it. :cool:

    'Rage Against the Buck' (Machine) - Killing in the Name
    'Wait and Bleed' - Slipknot

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