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Team 6 Outdoor Shoppers

Discussion in '2012 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by JJR, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Checking in. Real excited to get out there. Going to be taking my son out this year. His first time and hoping he draws first blood.

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  2. Checking in. Ready to get the season started.

    JJR good luck to your son. I know you got to be excited

  3. Checking in and ready to go. Looking forward to the season. I will also have 3 generations of hunters in the woods this year, Myself, my son and my grandson (just scouting for him, he's only 5).
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  4. Frostyville checking in, hoping this cool weather sticks around for the rest of the year. Good luck all.
  5. I'm here! I'll be hunting private land in Harrison County.
  6. mikenbow is ready to make it happen! Part of the winning team in '10. Good to have some new team members now! Last year was tough for me- didn't contribute to the team. Looking to change that in about 8 weeks! I hunt Morgan co. Good luck to all. ;)
  7. Well guys, I guess that's a good start. we are all checked in and ready to hunt. Is there anyone else taking out a youth this year from our team, besides JJR?
  8. Also might want to think about a team name as well.
  9. I am really excited to get my son out there. The look on his face while setting up the tree stand was awesome. Going to head out there this Saturday and have him climb the ladder while strapped in. Will take a target out and have him take a few shots. Going to take my laptop and can't wait to see his reaction to what's on there. Hoping a biggin is on there that has his name all over it.

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  10. Double lung..for a name. ? whatever you folks decided is fine with me.

    He's to old to be considered youth hunt. But my son who has been to busy to hunt for the last 4 years surprised with dad I'm hunting this year. I almost fell over . He just called me to tell me he just bought a summit treestand. He just turned 17.

    I vote JJR for team captain

    When I get home on the computer I'll give a lillte about myself
    Typing on this phone is crazy.
  11. Couple of suggestions "Take a Bow". From my son "Outdoor Shoppers".

    I do like outdoor shoppers. That is original.

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  12. I will be taking a couple youth out same as always, you guys just need to remind me to post it. I forget that part every year. Excited to be on a new team this year, last years team wasnt even on there for half the year so I didnt even post up any of my pics. Excited and ready for a new season though. Outdoor shoppers is very original, I actually like that one the best so far but Im up for anything.
  13. Let's run with it then. There is one thing i am looking for "venison" what isle is that in. lol OUTDOOR SHOPPERS is good with me.
  14. Outdoor Shoppers. Original. I like it. ;)
  15. Is everyone hunting private land? I will be hunting in sagamore hills and possibly hudson. My land owners are dragging their feet on me though. I pulled a nice 11 point out of sagamore last year and saw a bunch of nice shooters.
  16. I will be doing both. After work hunts will be a quick trip over to resthaven.

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  17. Sorry Frank328 I hunt public land. I do have permission to hunt 10 acres in Morgan co. That's my doe honey hole.
    I am picky on what I shoot . I won't shoot just anything.
  18. No need to apologize, I have to hunt private land, due to a very small amount of public land near me without driving an hour and a half or so. I am so ready get out in the woods, I am driving myself nuts.
  19. I am right there with you. Ready to get in the stand and enjoy the sunrise. I've been hunting the same area the past 7 years. Went dowme last weekend for a quick walk and found a shed. Not real big but it did have 6 points.