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team 5 "Iwana Killtoms"

Discussion in '2017 Team Turkey contest' started by bilman63, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Bilman63 checking in . I'll be hunting Athens, Vinton and possibly Miami county. Hunting the first three days of season in Athens and Vinton with my good friend Bryan Six. He's on team 6. I'll be hitting it every weekend. I also have a spot in Greene county that may have some birds this year. Ready to get out there for sure!!!
  2. Did the last thing I needed to do today......

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  3. nice group what shells?
  4. Longbeard XR. 3inch 1 3\4 oz #5s. Remington 870 Super Mag with Carlson's Longbeard choke tube. Those were both at 40yds.
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  5. I figured longbeards. My gun doesn't like them but my buddies does and he shot the wood stake in half before I got to shoot it's so tight in his setup. Mine likes Remington. I'm glad cause they are cheaper. :)
  6. Squackiller checking in!
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  7. Jtyler here..... Ill be hunting Ross and Pick mainly. Maybe alittle bit of pickaway. Im usually good for atleast 1 bird.
  8. I'm good with anything.
  9. Checking in...I will be hunting Adams and Pike counties. Planing the first full week vacation and then every weekend (maybe a long one or two) after that.
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  10. How about Roostin & Roastin for a team name?
  11. I'm fine with any name. By the end of this contest we will be known as the 2017 champions anyway:).
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  12. This is true JHorn.. i like the way you think. So whatever our name is... it'll be yelled off high ridge peaks for years to come!!! Be famous like the mighty Tecumseh.....ok... carried away alittle........
  13. Had a great couple days in southeastern Ohio with Bryan Six. Saw several turkeys and we were within 80- 100yds of a gobbler that was just hammering on the roost. Watched him fly down.
    Seven gobblers sounding off yesterday morning. On public ground!!! We also gained access to a few new private spots. Had a lot of fun as always!!!
  14. Team name??
    -Iwana Kiltoms
    -Spur Spankers
    -Snood Slappers
  15. IF our team name wasn't The Returning Champions, I'd steal this one! :D
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  16. We only have until tomorrow for youth. We need a team name!! I really like the Iwana Killtoms. Any other suggestions??
  17. Sounds good to me. Let the mods know.
  18. Iwana Killtoms.
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  19. I'll be out in the morning with one of my girls!!!