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Team 5 Browtine Bruisers

Discussion in '2012 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by AllAmericanSportsman, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Checkin' in fellas. We should do just fine! Ill be in the Vandalia area as well as in the Carrollton area.

    Black Dog Bowfishing Pro Staff

  2. Hello! I'm checking in.
    I'm Danicat (Danielle)
    I'll be hunting in Butler County.
    My husband is 'All Me' on Team 11 this year.
    Good Luck!
  3. This should be fun as always. I will be hunting in Ross and pike counties. Any ideas on team names?
  4. Its on cant wait! Im hunting in jackson county along with my son first year for us in Ohio
  5. I'll be taking my daughter hunting this year for the first time with a crossbow. She is six. We need to practice a lot more for her to be ready. I'm putting the finishing touches on a big blind, 8x8x7 in the front and 6 in the back. Plenty of room for a whole family.
  6. I'm here and ready to go!!! I will be doing my arrow slinggin in miami and shelby county. Cant wait!!
  7. Who is bow season only? Gun? Both?

    Anybody running cams or already on deer?

    Black Dog Bowfishing Pro Staff
  8. I will be up for weekend in oct. then from nov 4 -10 set stands up ready to roll never hunted Ohio first year on a lease I purchased 40acres mostly woods and super thick bordering pasturelands
  9. Team names? Why don't we all share one and take a vote just an idea
  10. Backstrap Bandits?
    Browtine Bruisers?

    Just a couple ideas.

    Black Dog Bowfishing Pro Staff
  11. Liking browtine bruisers rattle your cage
  12. I am open to any name, ill be hunting in Lorain and Harrison counties. I am hoping to take a couple for my family and I, and then donate at least one to Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry. I will hunt whenever i can so bow and gun i guess. three weeks left :bouncy:
  13. i try to kill all my deer with a bow but it dosent always work that way. I got plenty of doe pics on cam no bucks though but i have never had a shooter buck on cam on the property were i have cams at but during the season i always see my fair share of shooters there. Team name just pick one and i am good with it!!! RUTTIN AND GRUTTIN?????
  14. Im going to be out of the game for the first couple weeks. Got semi electocuted today and got a pretty gnarly burn on my hand, going to need surgery and skin from my thigh to replace the burned stuff. Gonna take four to six weeks to heal. Sorry fellas...but ill be rooting for our team and working on getting out there as soon as I can!

    Black Dog Bowfishing Pro Staff
  15. Sorry to hear that, hope it gets healed up quick for you. We'll try to keep it rolling while we wait for you to get out there and tag that 12pt :biggrin:
  16. I like browtine bruisers. Shot my bow this evening. These temps are getting me excited!
  17. Man JB sorry to hear that. Browtine Brusiers good with me. How many days a week do all you guys hunt just curious??? Myself i should be able to hunt about every evening during work days and days off evening and/or morning. Anybody have some days off already for the rut or pre-rut, gun law or anything???
  18. Danikat (Danielle) is fine with browtine bruisers.

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