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Team 4 "Tree Snipers"

Discussion in '2012 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by bowhunter4evr2012, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. hello my name is phil. i hunt almost every weekend
  2. buck slayer checking in I hunt every chance I get, hunting se Ohio in Wayne national forest and small private lots

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  3. You guys can just call me dillon if u want I'm hunting Washington county

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  4. Phil, I was hoping we'd get drawn for the same team but odds were pretty low for that. Good luck to you guys!
  5. Anxious to get this deer season on the road, I have high hopes for this season... Where's everyone else hunting at this season?

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  6. Hello guy's,
    I hunt SW Ohio mostly but I do get out to Nelsonville for gun season and maybe for a couple of days of rut... I have 50+ac's in Urban land of Cincy. I also have 100ac's in Adams Co. 300ac's in Highland Co. 85 ac's in Moscow and I hope to get drawn for 1200ac's in northern Adams Co. I hope to be able to skip around and not over Hunt any of the property's. I get out when ever I can. I own a Groundscare Business so I get to hunt morning when ever possible untill the time changes but I do play Baseball on Sundays and coach my 2 daughters soccer team's. Fitting everything in and not getting left by my wife is a fine line which is a tough balancing act.LOL Getting 2 does should not be a problem here, but I am after a bruiser buck..

    Remember we get points for taking a youngster and don't forget to take pic's of the second doe you kill just in case you don't get that big boy that your hunting. Hopfuly we can all atleast get 2 does and a take a youngster point's.. Going off of all of our avatars we should do just fine...

    Last year we were called the "Natural Born Hunters" Do we want to have a name? If so let hear some....
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  7. Dang wild man you get around haha wish I had that much land to hunt, well I guess I do but it's mainly public grounds.

    Every year we take the entire group
    Of youngsters out theirs prolly 5-10 of em just family friends and go get em all one. Youth season is always a time we look forward too, we have property that the landowners strictly save just for them and we put drives on for them. Idk if you guys are against deer drives but it's how we have done youth season and muzzleloader for as long as I have been able to carry a weapon, but these are respectful drives animals must stop and give clear shot before even thinking about taking a shot. It's a great way for the kids to see tons of deer and get close opportunities for a shot. I prefer bowhunting and try to get a hawg with it. But I also like saving a doe tag for the ol smoke pole. Anyone got anything they been watching?

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  8. As for a name just suggestions..... Ruttin' Bucks....Team Vanish.... Rack Addicts.... Ethical Nightmare... Ethical outdoorsmen...Antler Addicts.. Team Adrenaline.... Silent Stalkers... Just was thinking bout some names prolly think of more in the next couple days.. Let me know if you like some or what you would like the name to include or the theme.

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  9. Yea, I do try to have a lot of places to hunt, some I am the only one, others have a few other guy's hunting on them. Most of the propertys I do have are 30mins to an hour away. The urban land is behind my shop so I hunt it on the weekdays. I have a monster I got on cam Nov 9 and 11 of last year in urban land. He is who I am after.. If you look at some of my pics I have a few Retard bucks with wierd rack's I could most likely be able to shoot any of them but They will be last resort bucks for late it if they are still around...

    Silent Stalkers Is the one I like out of what you put up...

    Deer drives are A-OK in my book.. I love pushing deer, I have been pushing deer on wayne for almost 20 years.. Other my disapprove but not me..

    If our entire team stays involved We will have a good chance to win it. We got 3rd or 4th last year.
  10. Heck yeh I'd say we got a good chance, but ain't we still waiting on a member or too..

    By the way I got some deformed buck I'm actually after giant 8 on one side and a 14 in spike on the other, me and this deer have a history, he's had too many close calls with me, he's a just a cool deer that I'd love to have in the wall, but plenty of bruisers walking around too.

    I likes silent Stalkers too

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  11. well i hunt WNF around nelsonville and do a lil hunting in washington county. do great there almost every year and the bow camp guys im with are all a bunch of great guys. wildman u going to coonies camp?
  12. Checking in!! Been down at camp for past few days. Lots of deer lots of shooters so far this year. Man are they hammering my eagle beans. Prolly hold out for one of the three big boys. Last tr was able to take two youths out. Hope to collect us a lot of points by the end!!!!
  13. Hey guys. I am checking in. I will be hunting the North Coast, bow and gun, mostly private land.

    Heard some bad news tonight. A farmer just down the road from where I have hunted for 15 years, got some nusuance permits. We have been watching a really GREAT, not good, but GREAT 13 pointer. Aneighbor said is the biggest deer he has seen. Well Mr, nusance guy, shot it last week, I was told this deer would score over 180. Not real familiar with the law and the permits, but this really sucks. He has taken 3 other deer, not sure buck or doe.

    We are still seeing deer on the property, but wont be seeing this one anymore.:(
  14. That's really a shame, I hate to hear of giants getting the short end of the stick. Just gonna have to find a new mission.
    Similar thing happened last year.
    My giant I was hunting ended up getting blasted last year when out of staters started drives opening morning of gun across the neighbors property, they ended up running it up on another ridge bout a mile from my stand, but one of my buddies did shoot it he just never knew it like I did. And he just got lucky he had the deer run to him. I did give him a congrats though. 172 n sum change.. I got permission to share pics

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  15. What a shame fullstrut Thats just horrible.... I just found out my urban land that I have 300yd's by 50 yd's of food plots on the power lines, well they are building a new power tower on the northern edge of the property. They will be working on it from now until Dec. off and on... It sucks but I still think it will be good to hunt. I hope.
  16. Just got news that I'm going to have some new land to hunt, property adjoining mine is owned by an older man from out of state, so he asked me to be care taker, all I have to do is mow around his cabin, I'm stoked this place has to plots already, a giant oak flat and the other 74 acres was timbered 10 years ago. So there's some sanctuary areas already, time let some arrows fly.

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  17. We still have one that hasn't checked in......... JayDUb
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  18. Team name ideas?

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  19. wut ever u guys wana name the team is fine with me. im not to good with names lol well heres one anyway TREESNIPERS

  20. For not being good with names, Treesnipers sounds pretty cool.