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Team 23 Nocked & Loaded

Discussion in '2012 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by tod, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Probably not too hard to figure out but my name is Tod... lol
    I'm located just northwest of Dayton.

    Can't wait to get out on opening day. I'll be hunting early season in an urban zone where I'll most likely be looking to take a doe or two.

    I'll be at Coonskinner's WNF camp for the rut where I've been pretty fortunate the past couple years taking a nice 8 and 9 point.

    Looking forward to chatting with you guys. Should be fun.
  2. good luck tod! now more competion in camp lol

  3. ohiobigbuck here checking in. my name is Todd also hoping to harvest some nice deer for the freezer this year. i was drawn for ravenna hunt in oct. hoping to get a good buck to score some points.
  4. Checking in with team 23. My name is jeff and hope to add some points to our team this year. I will be hunting all over NE and SE Ohio.
  5. Any ideas for a team name? I'll think on it some. It may be easier to come up with something once the rest of the team checks in.
  6. Hey Hey Guys! I'm Chris and I am located in Kettering (Dayton Suburb). I have a couple of private spots close to whereI live. I am stoked about this year! Let's go!
  7. I saw that buckhunter1 checked in for Team 22 instead of here. There was a buckhunter that was selected for Team 22 so there may be some confusion there. I sent buckhunter1 an email to let him know. Hopefully he gets checked in here.
  8. Hey guys.... Checkin in. Name is Zach. Hunt here in central Ohio, also hunt northern KY and NE Indiana. LIke to capture my hunts on video and usually kill a decent buck each year so hopefully we can stack a few good ones up this year.
  9. Number one target so far...

  10. Nice!!!! He is really tall! What do you estimate him to score? Looks like all of 150 to me. Good luck.
  11. Im hoping he'll push the 150 mark as an 8. Last years 8 I shot was 152" and this dudes framed the same.
  12. Last years 8 (152")

  13. Heres a buck ive passed the past few years. In 2010 as a 2.5 yr old he was a basket 7pt 115"ish, Last year I passed him under my stand on video for 10 mins and he was an 8pt that was 130"ish, this year he is back to a 7pt but hes a giant 4.5 yr old. He wont be so lucky this year!



  14. I'd like to say that I would have enough restraint to pass that buck last year but the truth is.... he'd have hit the dirt if he was hanging out under my stand for 10 minutes... :biggrin: Maybe in a few years my standards will get to that point.. lol
  15. I got pics of two potential targets in an urban area I was drawn for. They both look like 2.5 yr olds though. Probably around 120". One is a 9 with a split brow tine. I have several pics of him. He was still in velvet the last time I got him on camera on 9/9. The other looks to be either an 8 or 10. I only have one pic of him and it's hard to tell if he's 8 or 10 but he was already polished up on the 9th while the split 9 was in full velvet.

    If it were private land I wouldn't even consider either buck. I'll try to restrain myself but if one of them hang out long enough... who knows... :mischeif:
  16. I got it right this time!

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  17. I was just goin behind enemy lines to figure out their game plan. Haha. Anyway, im gonna be huntin some.public (salt fork, conesville, and maybe some aep in coshocton)
    Opening day cant come quick enough!

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  18. That would be a cool team name. Probably doesn't make good sense for our whole team though. I'm originally from Michigan though. :yikes:
  19. What would make a good name?

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