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Team 20 "Been there, Killed that..."

Discussion in '2012 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by skippyflyboy, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Time for another season, check in and say hi....

    I'll be hunting a new farm this year in Medina county (next door to the farm I hunted last year). Where is everyone else hunting this year...

    Good luck to all
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  2. Hey Team 20, where you guys at?!?!?!?!?!?!?:irked:

  3. where's the rest of the team at??? We need a team name any ideas

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  4. Good question open to suggestions for a team name

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  5. Lol what's up guys. I totally forgot teams had been picked. I had pretty solid showing last year with team 16 and I hope we can bring it this year. I'll be hunting 2 private farms in Adams where I live.

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  6. So we got half a team so far lol, they have till 18th till they get replaced so Haha.

    Band of Bone Collectors
    Been there, Killed that...
    Bucks Unlimited

    Few suggestions from me
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  7. I like "Been there, killed that"...for a team name. Sorry Blue, I stole that from you.

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  8. Lol no stealing involved. I like it as well . Did anyone message our missing members yet?

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  9. I'm good with that name...

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  10. i say we go with it then. already got half the team that agrees haha. ima pm these other 3 and see whats up.

    btw my name is Anthony, im 27 and live and hunt in Adams. im shooting a hoyt crx32 that i just picked up last year and love it. my goals this year are same as every other year ive bow hunted. kill a big 140+ mature buck and couple 2 or 3 does. ive been bow hunting hard for about 5 years now and i set my goals high right out the gate so thats cost me not killing a wall hanger for past 4 years but lots of close calls haha. finally connected this past season with this big 8pt. went 155 net. whats your guys stories.

  11. Deehntr56

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    Per your request- I have put your team name in your title. You may want to PM your team members that have not signed in yet and tell them your team name so they know where to sign in.
  12. Sorry guys....not been slacking...only dreaming of opening day. Whoop whoop!!! I hunt mostly in Ross county. Couple private places during rut and alot of public early and late season. My name is Josh. My goal this year is bout the same....140+ and 2 or 3 does. I passed up a few 120-130's last year and missed a 150..."darn safety harness got in my way"":whistle:. My private rut spot has some massive mature bucks. I watched a 180+ holeing up with a doe during youth gun season last year. :yikes: He didn't get shot so hopefully he'll score big for us this year with one of my arrows. I'M SO FREAKING PUMPED UP!!!!
  13. Sorry guys for the late reply... I just got back from wyoming on a antelope hunt.. 26 hr drive and in the blind for 5 minutes.. Was awsome.. I killed a 147 gross buck last year off some private family land.. I have land in newark, madison and pike, from time to time rome some public just to see how good my skills are.. Hope we do well and bring home the hard wear..
  14. welcome to the team guys. glad my pm's worked out. i went a head and told 56 to put our team name up. hope yall like it. the band is almost together. just waiting on steelhead2. i know this is for fun but i was on team 16 last year and we did so well right till end of season. lets get some braggin rights this year and win this thing. GO Jtyler i was after a monster last year as well. i had a thread about him i nicked named this buck BEAST. had him on cam for 3 weeks and never got a shot at him. guy killed him same morning i was in stand 400 yards from me haha i heard the freakin gator in the distance.. come to find out a week later i shot my 8pt that was him loading up BEAST. guy didnt even know the deer was there. 192gross 185 net... im still sick haha
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  15. Hey guys, my name is Chuck. I live and hunt in Medina county. I'm fortunate to have two farms a mile down the road that have allowed me to hunt them. I was on team 6 last year, "Natural Born Hunters". I just started hunting last year, after a 20+ year absence from being in the woods. I had one small 6 pointer sneak up on me last year but my bow was on the other side of the tree:irked:Due to my wife getting sick my season ended prematurely last year. I've been glassing the same 8 pointer all summer, and to me he looks like an absolute monster, but we'll see. I'd be happy with a doe to be honest. I truly enjoy being in the woods again, and this year I hope to get my sons out there with me. Good luck to everyone :bouncy:
  16. well im glad you decided to get back into the sport. a great sport at that. i hope you get your kids and yourself on the board this year with some deer. if you do the youth hunt you can get us some bonus pts towards the team for that. good luck this year and keep us posted
  17. "boys" are 22 and 24. They both just finished their Air Force enlistments and just got home. It'll be a good time getting them out there though.

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  18. Hey guys, sorry, I have been busy with school and work. I'm looking forward to taking a big 10 this year, estimated at about 145. Also have a 140" 12 walking around on the private land I hunt in Elyria ( Lorain County ). I have about 5 other private farms I hunt, just haven't gotten any cameras out lately. If I see the buck I have in the picture from last year he will most definitely be a shooter now. This is only my second year deer hunting but I set my standards pretty high at about 140". My name is Ben, I'm 17, and I hunt almost every single day, except in tornadoes. :) Good Luck, Let's git 'er done!![​IMG]
  19. :)Nice. Thanks to your kids for serving. I got out of the Marine Corps 4 years ago. I'm a aircraft mechanic up in Columbus now. I try to get out and hunt at least twice a week. Sometimes more.."specially second week of Nov". 2 years ago I was introduced to waterfowl hunting. Since that first time in the duck blind I've only been hunting deer hard until around the first week of Dec when duck season comes in. If I don't tag out by then I'll hunt periodically the rest of the season. I don't remember the team # I was on last year. I shot 2 does and had points for taking a youth. Hopefully the horns will be on the ground this year. I get the shakes just thinking about it. And yes I like the team name. Lets get everybody in the contest this year to say and know this name alot. Team 20----#1 baby...
  20. oh yeah guys the band is all together now. its officially time to let the party begin. im on here daily so ill be posting my 2cents on a reg basis haha. i put cames out about a month or so back and had a big ole 8pt and couple other decent bucks show up on one farm at my feeder for 2 weeks straight. past 3 weeks no signs of these deer anymore. just random does and couple small bucks. i think they are kinda in that transition period with shedding not to mention the tonage of white oaks that are dropping on this farm. im 90% sure though these bucks home range is on this farm so they should be back. went out today and hung a nice set and put out a dripper on a mock scrape. heres pic of that 8 i was talkin about.