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Team 2 "Floptastic Four"

Discussion in '2017 Team Turkey contest' started by Mschultz985, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Hey team looking forward to this years hunt and what we can do.
  2. I also will be hunting I highland county the first 3 days of the season. Hoping for a repeat of the last two years where we doubled both opening days.
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  3. Hello teammates!!!! I'll be hunting the home farm (and most likely a bit on the neighbor's as usual) in Ashtabula County. Anyone else on the team hunting in the northeast zone?
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  4. Hey team. Looking forward to this season. I'll be hunting mostly in Pike County, but also have spots in Athens, Belmont, and Gallia counties.
  5. Anyone have ideas for a team name?
  7. A little long, but I like it
  8. Went to my spot this morning a saw 12 toms and two jakes still grouped up. Looks like this year should be perfect timing.
  9. Geez. Good numbers. Hope they stick around.
  10. Hey guys I'll be hunting jackson county. Lots of birds being seen driving around. Hopefully I'll have an opportunity with my work schedule to put one down. As far as team name, I'm good with whatever you all like. Floptastic Four is all I have in mind right now
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  11. I like Floptastic Four. :D I like yours too MSchultz but I think I like the shorter one just a bit better.

    Winter flock is finally starting to break up here. Right on schedule.
  12. Sounds good to me and yea I think it's going to a very good year this year, probably as good as last year if not better
  13. I'll throw some names out there.

    The Apex Predators
    The Turkey Terminators
    Thunder Chicken Stricken
  14. Well teammates how's everyone doing? You all have to be getting excited about next week. I think I'm the only one on the team that has to wait until May 1st to hunt. Is anyone hunting with a youth this weekend? Anyone hunting opening day?

    And I still like Floptastic Four but really all suggestions are good so if the other 3 of you want to choose something else that would be fine with me.
  15. I will be hunting the first three days of the season and it looks like the Esther is going to be great, unless that changes. Talked to the land owner yesterday and he said he saw 5 toms behind his barn and also has been hearing them gobble every day until about 11. Sounds like this year should be pretty good!!
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  16. I'm good with floptastic four. I hope to get out one day this week and the first weekend.
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  17. I work midnight shift so hunting for me on work days wouldnt happen until around 9 am. I plan on being out daylight on thurs fri and sat of opening week.
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  18. Good luck you guys!!
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