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Team 19 Mass Production

Discussion in '2012 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by DASHEILIGE, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Names Kenny go by Dash. Excited for this season to start. :bouncy:
  2. My name is Ken. I am new to this contest and can't wait for the season to begin!

  3. My name is Jason. First year in the contest. Got some bruisers on camera, hope they cooperate.:) Good luck guys....can't wait!!!
  4. Is my first year for contest as well. Will be hunting public land.

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  5. My name is Dwayne.I was on the 2nd place team last year.I'm seeing a few good bucks on camera.Most of my plots are in and I'm ready to put a few on the ground.I hunt mostly on my own property and primarily hunt with the bow.I'm not much for gun hunting.I prefer the relaxing pace of bow season.
  6. Hey guys! My name is Brian. This is the first year I've entered this contest. I have been playing the same contest on for years. I found this one and decided to do it as well. My biggest kill was a few years ago. I scored on a 170" the mid part of November. The best part was I had him on camera several times. It made it that much sweeter. I have no problem killing the doe, that's for sure:)

    I'm hunting Auglaize, Allen, Highland, and Adams counties this year. I own property on the Adams/Highland line. I have several nice bucks on cam once again too:)
  7. 2X lung,you and I were teammates on AT when your deer was in NAW.
  8. No way!! That's awesome! Hope u bring me luck again!
  9. glad to meet you all. best of luck. anyone have an idea for a name?
  10. How about...

    Mass production
  11. Huntnfool

    Huntnfool Banned

    Checking in fellas. My name is Justin and I hunt mostly Fairfield, Hocking and Perry counties. I have alot access to private land and few really good spots. I struck out last year but the previous 3 years I scored pretty good.

    I like Mass Production.

    Few names but Im good with what ever.

    Split 2's
    Double Drops
  12. I'm good with whatever

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  13. Mass production works for me.

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  14. Do you all want me to register our team name then as mass production? Or anyone can!!!
  15. Hey guys, i want to take a week of vacation to hunt. Do you think the week before or the week after Veterans Day will be best for hitting the rut?
  16. I'd hafta say vets day will be dead on. I'd go with after tho if I were u!
  17. I had been thinking the week before Veterans Day, but the more i think about it . . . I think I will go for the week after. Last year, I jumped the gun and the woods were dead until Friday of my vacation week! Even if the rut cranks up early, it should still be good for a while. Thanks Brian.
  18. I wish you the best;). My best days have been the 10-20. Killed several dandys! Last year my bro n law shot a hog on the 17th on our farm. I'd shoot for post vets day!