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Team 15 Rack Attack

Discussion in '2012 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by atowngolfer, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Hello guys my name is Dave. I am 22 years old and just recently moved to columbus from the youngstown area. I am stuck to public land hunting, which I am not use to at all. I have a new job this year so my hunting time will be somewhat limited but I will be out every chance i can. I mostly bow hunt but i do go out during gun season. I am really looking forward to season starting. good luck this season guys.
  2. Hello everyone, I am Chris. I am a dreaded non-resident that manages to usually hunt 20-25 days in Vinton county. This year we are planning on having a camper moved up to hunt out of and if thats the case I should have several weeks to hunt around the last of oct-first of nov to hunt. Anyways I wish everyone good luck and I also am looking forward to getting know everyone. I won't visit my land until the first or second weekend of season, and whem I get trail cam pics of shooters in my area I will post them up here.

  3. Hello Team 15 (we really need to come up with a name). The name is Jeff. I live in the Dayton area. This is my 5th season of hunting. I hunt both public and private land around where I live and I try to get down to the WNF a couple of times during the season.

    Let's do this!
  4. Hello team 15. I agree we need to start throwing out some names. I hunt all about 3,000 acres of private land in three counties. I usually do pretty good in deer season:) so far this year I'm way behind my usual schedule. I think I'm going to take a slightly less serious approach this year than I have in past years. I will still take several deer. And I got a specific buck in mind. We will see how that works:whistle:whistle:
  5. I'd like to challenge my fellow team 15 members to take pleasant pictures for the contest. Wipe of the blood, tuck the tongue, no sitting on top of the deer, no back of your truck or hanging from the meat hook pictures. I understand sometimes things happen that prevent this. I just like seeing a good picture that portrays outdoorsman properly. Not like a blood hungry savage. What do you say guys?
  6. I am very much in agreement with this! I find it very distasteful when a photo shows what you speak of. That was a lesson I learned very early on from a great friend of mine- take clean, respectful photos with your hunting success.

    On another note, went and placed blind at a park that I was drawn to hunt in for October. On the way back to the car, I was able to see 3 does. One appeared to be younger and circled around the field and didn't seem to be concerned with me. She ran away about 10 yards and then turned back and ran within about 6 feet past me, almost in a playing manner. I hope this is some type of sign for good fortune this season.

    I can't wait for the 29th!
  7. Checking In

    Hi, another Jeff, another Dayton area hunter. This is my third year in the contest, Two 8's and a 10 pointer with some does sprinkled in. I usually do not shoot any does until after the rut. I'm pretty involved getting disabled veterans out to hunt throughout the year as well. Good Luck all.

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  8. well guys what do you think as far as a name?
  9. Names

    Whitetail Whack Attack
    Bring'in Bone Back
    Just a couple, anything works for me.
  10. Anyone else have any name ideas? I like the bone zone, I'm open to other ideas. Has everyone checked in?
  11. no i believe we r still missing one person. I don't really have any names to throw out. lol i can't think of any but whatever is fine with me i really don't care what our name is. I kinda like the whitetail whack attack name.
  12. Rack Attack
    Rack Wreckers
    Sultans of Scrapes

    Whitetail whack attack works for me.
  13. Hey guys, I was one of the three placed on the alternate list and just found out I ve been assighned to team 15. I bow hunt pretty hard but will use a gun if i have to. I hunt mostly Mercer and Auglaize counties but will probably make a trip or two down to Athens and Hocking counties. The buck I am after this year would definately be my biggest if I get him. I ve had trail cam pics of him all summer and hes still showing up. Hes a wide main frame 10 with long tines and a split brow. I ve rough scored him at 165", hope i get a chance to get an actual tape on his horns. Good luck to everybody and cant wait till the 29th.
  14. i saw a couple of you guys are from the dayton area. I work there but live about an hour and 15 minutes north.
  15. Welcome

    Welcome RMK, good luck on your biggin. Where do you work in Dayton.
  16. Welcome aboard RMK!!! Yep, some Dayton types on here. I'm in Huber Heights to be exact.

    Hope you smack your big one!
  17. Grandview Hospital. 2nd shift and 10 hour shifts 4 days a week. Works out pretty good for the hunting life!! I am able to go every morning, just a matter if I can wake up or not.
  18. Figured I d share some recent trail cam pics with you guys. i enjoy running trail cams almost as much as i do hunting.
    This is the newest picture of "9" hes actually an 11 this year but he was a 9 last year-


    Another pic of "9" back in velvet-

    This food plot has been getting a lot of use the last 2 weeks!

    Another food plot, not as big as the other but its been showing signs of being used as well.

    not much longer till the 29th!!!
  19. Nice pics! I've been having some camera issues this year and haven't caught much other than a couple of does.

    RMK, depending on what you do I Grandview, I bring in some business to you. I'm a Firefighter/Paramedic with Huber Heights. Grandview is our 'home' hospital, so we get in there quite a bit.

    So, have we agreed on a name yet????
  20. No i dont think we have, but we need to!:)

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