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Team 14 Deer Hunger Games

Discussion in '2012 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by beaston, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Welcome team 14 members. Sign In and share a little about yourself and the goals you have for this season.
  2. You beat me to makin the sign in....great minds think alike!

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  3. Welcome Goshengrunter! Been a long wait for this deer season. Hoping for an excellent season. My name is Bryan been hunting for 30+ years. Goals are a 140+ incher a Doe and definitely helping my son get his first.My son just finished his HE course and is ready for his first venison morsel.
  4. Ill be mostly hunting clermont co. Tryin to get a big 10 patterned

    Ill be layin down several does and always take a kid hunting. Many times a year

    Goodluck team 14!

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  5. Talk about being from the opposite ends of the State.
  6. Ill b lookong 140s or better....last year I killed a 124 but it was spot and stalk w a bow. Plus it was an old deer on his way down.

    I passed a 151 inch 11 pointer last year cuz he looked real young. I found him dead by coyotes while trapping.

    Looks to b a promising season!

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  7. What part u from?

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  8. Deehntr56

    Deehntr56 Staff Member Mod

    Took care of the other thread-you guys are all set and good luck!!!
  9. steveOh checking in from the Dayton area. Will be hunting Adams and Jackson counties. Didn't get drawn for the Metro Park hunt this year so hunting close to home is out:( I am retired and have plenty of time to hunt but with limited places to hunt. I am usually good for a couple of does but am a little picky on what bucks I'll shoot, although, some years bucks sighting are hard to come by.

    Good Luck to all this year.
  10. Hello Gentlemen.

    Looks like we have an eager group here which is what i like to see.

    My name is Dan and I will be hunting Shelby county as well possibly some public land in Scioto. Lost my best spot last year and only have one little woods to hunt and it will be my 1st year there so not sure what to expect, one way or another I will find a way to get it done.

    Will be letting my boys tag along a little bit so I'll get us some bonus points there, got a bonus doe tag and I'm itching to use it.

    Good luck to all.
  11. Beaston,

    You any where near Jefferson? I was up that way last week for work, nice area.
  12. About 12 Miles North of me.

    Goshengrunter- I'm from Ashtabula County which is the farthest Northeast you can go from Clermont County.
  13. Welcome SteveOh ! Looks like we are representing the whole state so far.
  14. Nimrod

    Nimrod Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    The Nimrod is checking in!!!! :)

    Howdy and Happy Trails all!

    This is my 3rd year in this contest and the previous two years my team finished in 3rd place. I hope with the experience we have on the team, we can take it all this year!

    I hunt Vinton, Hocking, Fairfield & Scioto counties. I'm also retired & love to hunt deer! Unfortunately, I haven't noticed alot of deer sign so far, but it only takes one day for the big buck to stroll past a hunter's stand. :thumbs_up:

    Good luck to all Team 14 members this year!!!
  15. I'll be off the grid for a few days, I'll check back in this weekend sometime. Any team name you guys come up with while I'm gone is OK with me.
  16. Wat kinda set ups are my teammates using?

    I'm shooting an old mathews solocam, heavy eastons with 100 gr rage 2 blades

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  17. I hunt Wyandot County and unfortunately will only be able to hunt on weekends. I hope to bag a deer with bow this year for the first time.

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  18. I shoot a Martin Panther 63 lbs, Easton XX75's 2219, 100gr Spitfires on one end with a Nocturnal on the other.

    Backup is a Horton Hunter Xbow, Easton Lightning Strikes with 125 gr Spitfires.

    Gone until the weekend....S
  19. At the present time my set up is a Excalibur Vortex. Shooting wasp broadheads. Likely next year I will purchase my 1st compound.......mainly so I can hunt the early season in KY but also ready for another challenge. Will pull put the shotgun or muzzy if I still have a tag when it's time.
  20. Nimrod

    Nimrod Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    What I use on deer is almost what a golfer would use on a golf ball :D.

    Archery: Martin X-200 recurve shooting Easton ST Epic arrows tipped with Magnus Stinger 125 gr broadheads. Also, High County 4runner bow same type arrows & Muzzy 100 gr 3 blade broadhead. Backup, Horton Hunter Xbow.

    Gun: Mossberg 835 shooting Lightfield slugs. T/C Omega muzzleloader, can't remember the bullet.:confused: