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Team 12

Discussion in '2017 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by frostyville, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Checking in, where's the rest of the winnning team members?
  2. Checking in, I'm from Perry County and that's where I'll be hunting at.

  3. Checking in. Hunting Columbiana County here.

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  4. Get your missing teamates messaged and checked in before noon Saturday guys!! Good luck and have fun!!
  5. I sent a message out to cowboyruggee and rack attack. I think those were the only two left to check in. Anybody got an idea for a team name ???

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  6. I suck at this name game, lost arrows, antler junkies, deer surgeons. That's all I got.
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  7. I'm good with what ever name we come up with. My season is starting off on the bad side. Just found out that a 70 acre woods that I hunt is going to be sold, so I had to go and take my stands down. I'll just be hunting my own property now. Which is OK, I just liked to have a backup location to hunt though.
  8. Thanks for the message reminders team! Team All Ohio?
  9. Looks like we are all checked in.
  10. Da'Bucks, Antler Kings, Deer Whisperers, I hate Squirrels, Antler Addicts, Whitetail Addiction
  11. Team 12 is checked in!! Good luck guys, have a great season!!
  12. I'm fine with any team name you guys pick

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  13. I wasn't going to start hunting until Halloween arrived this year, but I'm going to be out next weekend. This guy has been coming out in the corner of our bean field on a regular basis here lately. I hung a stand in the corner. Hopefully the wind cooperates. Any of you guys have one particular deer your after? ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1506086199.889322.jpg ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1506086217.473242.jpg
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  14. O'Reilly, I'm like you I normally don't start hunting till mid to late October. That is one nice looking buck you have there, that probably would get me out hunting sooner if I had one like that patterned .

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  15. Very Nice buck oreilly. I've got one buck I'm after, and don't have a back up plan as of yet. Hoping some new ones show up cause I've got a lot of them that need another year. Would really like to let the big one go another year cause he averaged adding 40 inches the last two years and he's just now a 4 1/2 but I'm pretty sure my neighbor has him at the top of his list. He usually puts them down on opening weekend so I will be holding my breath til last week of October or whenever he gets a little more consistent on our place.
  16. My trail cam plan has been a disaster. I put one up on public. Got one 2 yr old 8pt and a mature non typical. Non typ only came in on cam once in a months time. 8pt isn't a shooter. 2 cams on my private spot. Had 171 pics when i pulled the cards. Used a card reader as it deleted my pics. One more cam on public in southern Ohio that i won't check until out short trip in mid oct
  17. Oreilly what part of Perry? New Salem side or junction city side?
  18. Northern Perry County
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