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Team 11 Lung Busters

Discussion in '2012 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by all me, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Hey team 11 i am checking in , looks like a big turn out this year.Best of luck to all of you.By the way my name is Stephen.:)
  2. Bama checking in, and my name is also Stephen

  3. Booner checking in, my name is Mark. I will be hunting down in Carrolton.
  4. Hey All, where you hunting this year and are you seeing deer?
  5. Ill be mostly hunting butler county,but have a new spot in brown county for back up. Deer numbers (big boys) are down in my area but you just never know what may show up. :)
  6. Hey booner,dont let them trash talk you about smashing a doe. Looks like you may be the first to enter points for the team, hope you can make it 4 years in a row, Good Luck :bouncy:
  7. Dan here. I hunt Logan co union harden and hocking. May go out east some as well. Last year I scored on my first day out on oct 1st got some good deer on cam this year stoked about it! Let's win this thing confidence. !

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  8. Hi, bama here. i'll be hunting SE ohio (athens county) as well as marion county. Have lots of pictures, 2 nice bucks, lots of does. Hopefully i see them during hunting season, unlike last year. :(
  9. Well team,we have4 cked in so far,as soon as they ck in we can come up with a team name,until then start thinking up some team names :)

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  10. Meat missiles. Men of fall. Ohio monsters. Booners beware. Stick and string. Ridge runners. Swamp donkeys. Bow madness. Chasing tail. Tail chasers. Bone collectors. Whitetail whispers. Silent assassins. Hard woods. Blood runners. Grim reapers. Tree huggers. That's all I can think of for now lol

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  11. Here are a few team names i came up with!!!

    Pick Em & Stick Em
    White Bone Addicts
    Rack Attack
    Tag Em & Drag Em
    Seal The Deal
    Lights Out
    Git-r Done
    Heart breakers
    Sling Em & Bring Em
    Boiler Room mishap
    Pump Station shooter
    Rib Crackers
    Tall Tines
    Wide Spread
    Calcium crazy
    No Tag Soup
    Wall Hangers
    Snort Wheeze
  12. Here are a couple, Bone Heads, Buck Assassins, Death from Above.....
  13. Got any pics of the buck or bucks your after team ?
  14. Checking in. good luck all. My hunting season got knocked into 1/10ths due a new job but I'll work it out..
  15. hoping to find this guy 1 year older and a little bigger

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  16. Booner if he is alive thats what i call a booner, good luck on him.
  17. Johnny checking in!! I'll be hunting Highland county as always.. Its looking good on my farm so far this year.. Should have the corn out forst or second week of oct unlike last year which wasnt until dec after the rut!! Have alot of bucks and 3 shooters as well as a ton of does. Should be a good year or at least better than last, not that it could be any worse..
  18. Welcome Johnny,the whole team is now checked in,now we need a team name.

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  19. This is one I hope makes it another year...