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Team 10 "The leftover turkeys"

Discussion in '2017 Team Turkey contest' started by Revdillon, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Turkey_Deer_Slayer

    It should be an exciting season. I'll spend the first two mornings hunting Noble county. Heading down Saturday afternoon to scout Saturday and Sunday. Good area, I've seen a lot of turkey down there.

    The whole rest of the season will be spent in Miami county. I've got an eye on a few birds.

    As for team names, I've got just a couple in mind. Since we are the last team, I was thinking cold turkey or leftover turkey haha. Unless you guys have any ideas..

    Let's get it goin! Knock some birds down! And most importantly let's have a SAFE and fun season
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  2. Bankfish here. I'll be hunting butler co. Not a whole lot of birds around, compared to SE ohio, but enough to keep me going. Hopefully me or one of my boys can shoot one in the face. Here's a couple pics from a couple of months ago. Good luck this season. [​IMG][​IMG]
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  3. I am here but my season just got shorter, my son is in hospital and may be here for a little bit, and he will be home for a while from school.

    I will be hunting clermont county, plenty of birds around but not been out to scout much like I normally do.

    Good luck boys and as for a name I don't care y'all can just pick one.
  4. Hope all goes well with your son. Way more important than some gobblin bird.
    As for a name, I kinda like "the leftover turkeys". Lol.
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  5. miketruax

    miketruax Staff Member Super Mod

    Wow, you guys are a step ahead of me, make sure you pm your last member and let him know to check in. Revdillon glad to see you on a team. Good luck guys!
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  6. I'm hunting Logan county my daughter and I were scouting this morning and heard two that we will be working Saturday.
  7. TSD, I too hope everything goes well with your son.

    Wingshooter, good luck this weekend with your daughter. My daughter turns 2 next Saturday. I will most likely not be able to contribute youth points to the contest.

    Nice pics bankfish. Looks like a good flock. It'd definitely be enough to keep me going.

    Great looking forecast for Monday and Tuesday in SE Ohio. Good luck all

    I guess we'll go with "the leftover turkeys"
  8. I am looking forward to this weekend I got permission to hunt a hay field that we saw a big tom and a hen in a couple of evenings ago.
  9. Good luck wing shooter. Hopefully you and your daughter can get on em.
    My buddy checked his camera today at the farm we hunt. Again from awhile ago but I'm pretty sure they're still around. 300 ac of prime ground with about half being woods.[​IMG]
  10. Headed out in the morning before work. Got the go ahead from the boss to come in at 9. I'm in the hvac field and this time of year it can be a little slow. Hoping to take a few days off maybe end of this week or next.
    Good luck this season team. Stay safe.
  11. I'll be out a short bit too in morning, going in blind but neighbor said they are there most mornings. We will see. Good luck you guys!!
  12. Nice. Congrats. I heard two this morning, just not on the farm I hunt. Seen one coyote.
  13. So here's the story.
    Was in the woods by 5:40, got setup and sat back and relaxed until sunrise. Not a single peep before that so I let out a few clucks and yelps, and immediately had hens yelling at me, about 5 minutes in had a real deep gobble over by the hens which were on neighboring property about 800 yards away. 20 minutes go by of this going back and forth then boom someone over there shot. At that point I figured I was done. It was 7:10 by now and I decided I would stick around until 8. Saw nothing up until 7:50 so I decided I would pack up. I set my gun down and turned around and spotted a hen. I sat back down and waited. She came up along side of me and spooked a little, she walked off and I calmed her down with a few calls then she was back or 5 minutes later with another hen in tow. I chatted with them for about 15 minutes and all of the sudden about 800 yards the other direction I heard a strong gobble. They were closing quick, could hear them in other side of tree line 300 yards away, they finally came across and I could see two birds. Hey gobble a few times and held up at 250 yards. They then entered the woods behind me, the hens still out of view of them. Slowly the hens worked up past me which is what I needed. I waited about 15 minutes before I called, I grabbed my box that always gets the gobble and they answered right back about 200 yards back in the woods, then waited 2 minutes and again gobbled but right behind me. I sat still and waited the hens out in front of me past my Jake and hen deke, then I could see movement out of the corner of my eye. Here they came. Both neck and neck straight to the Jake and started pecking it and then spurring it. They were neck and neck for about 5 minutes then finally split so I could take the shot.BAM then bam bam, crap they both flew away. I didn't think I could have missed at 15-20 yards so I sat my gun down and grabbed some shells, by this point neighbor called and said it went down in field just passed some trees, but still alive and looking around. Snuck up on him and hammered him one good one in the head at 25 yards. All said and done was a great morning!!
  14. Wow what an awesome hunt! Congrats !!
  15. No luck in Noble county, had a fun hunt this morning and found about 100 morels yesterday. We'll see what I can do back home
  16. Had 3 gobbling this morning on the roost. 100yds from them. But after they flew down they shut up. Don't know which way they went, ended up seeing 3 hens. I'll be back after em. Good luck to all
  17. I had a skinny opening week as far as available time in the woods. My daughter and I hunted until about 11 on opening morning and worked a tom with about a ten inch beard for the morning he was as close as 60 yards but way to far for her 20 gauge plus he was strutting the whole time unless he was gobbling. It was quite a show but he wouldn't commit to the jake and hen decoy but that's hunting. The rest of the week has been consumed by planting corn but with the rain we got last night it will be go time next week.
  18. Good Lord blessed me this morning. Arrived at the farm at 6:35, shot this beautiful bird at 6:55. 22lbs,10-1/4" beard, 1-1/4" spurs. Very thankful. [​IMG][​IMG]