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Team 10- "Death from Above"

Discussion in '2012 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by GMbuck, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Good evening fellas. I hope you all have the best season of your life. Lets put some deer down!

  2. hey everybody. like gmbuck said , hope everyone has a great season. my name is scott and i hunt mercer, van wert and auglaize counties. bow and gun hunt. got a couple of decent bucks on trailcam. ready to find some scrapes to put the camera on , that is usually where i see some better bucks.
    lets hear where you hunt at and if you have your eye on any nice ones.
    also need to do the yearly contest thing and throw out some team names. i am not very creative at that so i will throw my vote to what sounds like a good one that you guys come up with.

  3. Upperdel checking in. Good luck to all team members. My hunting will start 10/10. I'll do my best to hold up my part.
  4. Befordree checking in. This is my first season in OH. I'm from SC. Can't wait to hunt the big boys up here. I have my eye on one old buck in particular. I'll post a pic!
    I will be hunting mostly public land in Delaware, Alum Creek and Deer Creek as I live in West Columbus area. I have some private land permission with a record of big bucks, but like I said, I've got my eye an a brute!
    As far as team names...

    Just thought those up on the fly... I'll keep thinking.
  5. Hey Guys, checking in. Hope everybody has an awesome season. My name is Mike and I hunt private property in Columbiana County. I hope to have a better season than last year. I will try my best to put some points up for our team.
  6. checking in and hoping to get my first deer this season and having fun doing it i will be hunting in trumball and ashtabula counties this deer season
  7. I will do most of my hunting in muskinghum and Guernsey counties. I may give Medina a try. Unfortunately, I expect my opportunities to be limited. We'll see. we have a pretty good crop of bucks at the cabin.

    This one is my deer of choice


    This one would score better


    There are a few other 8's that looked good too. Last year I killed my buck on a nearby property where I don't have a camera set up yet. Two weekends ago, when I drove by, there was a 160ish ten out in the soybeans. This weekend (I hope) I'll get a camera up on that spot.

    Upperdel, is your name a reference to the upper Delaware River?
  8. GMbuck , those are some nice looking bucks !!:thumbs_up: That 8pt is a good looking buck, probably look even better with him on the ground and you standing next to him. Good luck getting him !!
  9. Here are some pics off of my computer. I tried the facebook link and i dont think it worked. This guy is on my hit list.

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  10. befordree, great looking buck there,:thumbs_up: i hope you get a chance to take him this year. How many points does he have, looks like quite a few ?? I am still open for anybody's suggestion for a team name, I am not sure how long we have to pick a team name, but whatever is decided im pretty much ok with. Well maybe nothing with the words powderpuff in it though !!:yikes:
  11. Last year I think I was the old man on the team, so here it goes I am a ripe young age of 44 ,:shhh: somebody please beat me out !! The only team name I could come up with was Team " Make Em Leak " not sure what everybody else likes though ?
  12. Thanks!
    He is a mainframe 10 with a kicker that i know will count for a point. I went out to that same spot last night to see if he was in hard horn. But all i saw was does and one small 8.
    I posted some team names earlier. Probably my favorite is Death From Above.
  13. Oh yeah, did you notice the hump in his back?
    I've named him camel but im not sure what the hump is. It looks like it would be a weird injury but im not sure.
  14. :yikes::yikes:

    just kidding, it's a tie.
  15. GMbuck, At least I am not alone, kind of makes me feel a little better now.:D
  16. some good lookin bucks you guys have there. i would be embarrassed to post pics of the best two i got so far. last year i started to get some good bucks on trail cam when the scrapes were laid down in mid to late october. i am down to one cam though , my bushnell is now a runaway cam , it just takes pics until the card fills up in 2 days. will put it on a scrape when the time comes. so hopefully a few of them 140's from last year will be around again. i am gonna be 33 in november, but some days i feel alot older with a newborn and a 2 year.
    hung two new stands last week and my hunting area is surrounded by corn, so there should be plenty of deer around.
    i am gonna have novermber 9th thru the 19th off, but will be trapping alot of that time. but i am sure some deer hunting will be squeezed in if i still have a buck
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  17. Doubt if we have anyone on the team older than me. I'm 65. Upperdel that I use does refer to the Upper Delawasre River. I had a fishing guide service there for 26 years. Retired a couple of years ago. Bought a place in Carrollton and really enjoy Carroll County and the unbelievable deer hunting.
  18. Well I may be the youngest... Just turned 24. But hopefully my lack of age doesn't affect my deer hunting skills and wisdom. I have been reading so much about the new tips and tricks, I should be good to go. Been hunting for a few years, only killed 5 deer but only two of those were with a gun. I'm bow ony now.