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Team 1 Nice Nockers

Discussion in '2012 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by Viper305, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. No one wants to talk to you lol

  2. I'll chat with you, viper...checking in!

    By the way, I don't think there is any mistake or coincidence why we are "Team #1!" :cheeky-smiley-022::coolgleamA:

    Looking forward to a fun season and contest!!!
  3. You apparently haven't met viper lol
  4. Alright I finally have someone to talk too! What county will you be hunting?
  5. Hey guys, checking in! I am not on a lot right now but no doubt I will be once my mountain bike races finish up and season gets under way!

    Looking forward to the contest with the #1 team :)

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  6. Oh, forgot to ask, what part of Ohio you all in? Up by Salem here but also hunt in Harrison county.

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  7. I will be hunting in Meigs and Washington counties. We still have three more team members to check in. Any ideas on names?
  8. Good morning team, what do you all have going on this weekend!? I slept in this morning and have a mountain bike race tomorrow. I thought about brewing some beer today, not sure if I will get that done. Probably just going to hang tight with the family today and run some errands.

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  9. Team names...hmmmz, here are some random thoughts...

    Team Two Zero One Two.
    Team BrewCrew (if we all like beer)
    Team Bucks Gone Wild
    Team SmokinDeer
    Team Dear Deer
    Ohio Deer Near Rut (ODNR)

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  10. I was out checking stands this am. Then came home and watched some football while chasing the little ones around the house. Also checked cams today nothing exciting except one coyote and a pack of dogs.[​IMG] I like brewcrew but I am easy to get along with on the team names.
  11. We are still missing three members
  12. Uh oh, not good!

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  13. Pretty decent sized yote!

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  14. I'm here! Checking in. I have had a crazy week and haven't been on here since before the team posting.

    I'll be hunting Ashtabula County. Just got my blind set up on a prime piece of real estate Saturday. I don't have any cams out and I haven't had time to sit. I spent Saturday scouting a piece of private property that yielded me two toms in the first week of gobbler season so I'm hoping that it will be just as productive for deer. I decided on a little creek crossing covered with acorns. There were a few tracks but I think it will really heat up as the temps drop and the fields are harvested. Good luck everyone!
  15. I probably won't get out much until mid to late October.

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  16. I will be out opening weekend. And pretty much any chance I get.
  17. My teams getting screwed I'm filming you opening weekend lol
  18. That's not creepy :D

    I have to go to Prairie Peddler (down near butler) on the 29th. I plan to hopefully hunt at least the first few hours of the day and maybe make it home before dark so I can hunt the last couple hours. We'll see. Sunday for sure I'm going all day.