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I connected with a 23lb bird this morning. 9.5" beard and 1" spurs. Pics later. Although it was cool (37 degrees) the wind had died down, which helped. There were 2 birds that gobbled a total of 3 times on the roost before flying down. I set up within 200 yards of them and worked them for half an hour before they came my way. I was set up in thick greenbriars and had them within 30 yards several times, but couldn't get a good shot to take. The lead bird was spitting and drumming the entire time. Finally, they worked around from my right side to my left and came to check things out. I dropped the lead bird at 25 steps and his buddy took off for parts unknown. Hope to get my parents on the other bird later today, or maybe catch up with him tomorrow. Good luck guys.
1 - 13 of 38 Posts
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