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Here is one recipie that may or may not keep some of you guys from catching and eating my main smallmouth bait!!! CRAWFISH ;) but its worth a try....
Not sure where I found this one at but its good...

I fillet a fair sized sheephead from the backbone down to the lateral line then use only this meat.
Slice the meat into lengths and thickness so they are about the size and shape of your index finger. Screw onto toothpicks so they form something like a "Z" or "S" shape.

Bring to boil one or two cans of beer. Toss the fish on the toothpicks in and bring back to a boil.
After the beer starts to boil again remove from heat then dump into a strainer that is over another pot/container so you can use the beer again if needed to cook more fish.

Now remove container holding beer and replace with another empty one. Dump a pan of ice cold water (remove ice 1st) over fish which completly cools the fish and firms up its dexture.

Now your done place around a bowl of your favorite cocktail sauce, I like homemade, and with your eyes closed you will not know your not eating shrimp/crawfish I PROMISE <---

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