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tackle shopping today

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My buddy Al and I hit Buckeye Outdoors and Gander Mt. out east today.
I wanted to see if Buckeye had any of the new lures for 2003 on thier shelfs yet..some they did.
Al was also looking at getting a new spinning reel just for throwing lures this year. I think he decided on the new shimano stradic, which is an excellent choice;)
I was looking at the new sustain and will pick one up in a few weeks(or sooner if my TAX money gets here this week?:D )
There are some great looking new lures out this year too..some just an improvement on an old concept..others in a class of thier own.

I did pick up some more Case baits like the Hellgies and Madtoms, plus some of the Senkos.
Im impressed at how "life-like" a lot of the plastics are starting to be...i think some of these will work out even better than the old tubes that work so well?
Buckeye is a good store for lures and they carry a lot of brands that other stores dont carry, but they need a LOT of help in thier reel and rod stock..man! Plus thier prices on reels are more than other stores.
As for Gander Mt....geez that east store is just as bad as the west store..if i was a LM or Eye guy i might be pleased...but they dont carry anything worth me looking at!!!
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I coulda saved you the trip...........they do have descent gun prices, that's about all I go in there for is gun/ammo and if I hear about a good reel deal.
All Galyans sells is lures. They still sell the old model BTR. If I'm looking for a good selection of crankbaits and spinnerbaits then I go to Galyans.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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