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Sweet Sixteen

Discussion in 'Ohio Small Game Hunting' started by Turkey Bandit, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. I got an older Stevens single barrel in 16 gauge that I'm planning on using for dove this year. Its not fancy or unique, but it points really well and it was passed down through the family recently. Anyone got a reliable and inexpensive source of 16 gauge in #7-8 range they could suggest? I LOVE #7 1/2's, will will take anything within reason at this point. Thanks for your help!
  2. I have an old 16 side x side I use. It was my wifes grandfathers. He bought in the 40's from a guy in a bar. The gun is really sweet, and though I have shot it while hunting maybe a dozen times, I can honestly say I havent missed.......yet.

    We were at Gander last weekend, and they had plenty if 16s in 6, 7 shot for about $8 a box I believe. They can be hard to find sometimes, so when I see them somewhere, I try to grab a box or two.

  3. I have a old Remington 48 sportsman in 16GA with full choke. It is light and fast and very accurate. I just picked up a few boxes of high brass 7 shot for $8 a box at fin.