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Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by adamsNancy, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Was wondering are there some kind of superstitions in hunting and are there some times people should never hunt since they might encounter creatures of another realm. Reason I'm asking this is so that I actually will have a couple of stories to tell.
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  2. right around Halloween to thanksgiving no one should be in the woods! There are these things that come out that no hunter sees all year until those few weeks and they snort, wheeze, blow, stomp, stink, fight and chase all the other deer around the woods in a tirade of showing just how bad ass they are or looking for love.

    Every time i see one i get this really weird feeling in my stomach and chest and start shaking really badly its almost uncontrollable. I seen my very first one when i was about 14yo and it tried to attack me! I was sitting in camp and it came sneaking by me while the others were out, idk if it was stalking me or what but it snuck in and i grabbed the gun cause if you shoot one of these creatures it makes you a pretty bad ass hunter. Anyways, I steadied my aim and made this creatures mating call-MEEP and it turned on me and snorted and stomped its feet and put its head down with all its freaking looking pointy things on its head and took a 2-3 step forward and i thought for sure i was a goner. Don't ever corner these things because they feel threatened and will charge you.

    I've seen a few over the years but never able to get close enough as they are very sly and slip in and out without making a sound. I seen one a couple years ago the first week or so of November. I was a brave soul heading into the dark woods with just a bow and flashlight, climbed my tree and waited and waited until i heard some leaves rustle and i got that eerie feeling something was about to happen. was it a chukakabra? werewolf, possum, skunk, i just didn't know and by this time i was scared to death i think i might have started to tinkle my pants and then a deer appeared. The deer was minding its own business when all of a sudden i could hear it. something really, really big was coming behind me and i knew this was my only chance at one of these things. my heart started beating 3x the normal rate, my leg started shaking up and down, my arms shaking. I was so scared to look around the tree at this thing for fear it would see me so i sat still and it appeared chasing the deer out of the woods and stood there in all its glory. The elusive BOOONER appeared! He had these whitish, brown things sticking out of his head and they were big and pointy, i would guess he weighed about 300lbs and then just walked away. I couldn't stop shaking cause id only seen one of these creatures a few times in my life and man what an experience! The elusive BOOONER went through the woods the same way the deer went and i think i heard some noise of the deer being killed or something and then the great BOOONER imerged with the deers woman and locked them down for several weeks until he spread his genes of the great BOOONER!!!

    Man what a rush! I don't advise anyone to be in the woods October 31-November 25th. You just don't want any of the elusive BOOONER!!!
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  3. There are many. Here's but a few:

    1. Getting lost in the dark is the most prevalent superstition out there. Sure it happens, but it's only a superstition! The reality is that you are right where you are whenever you are there, so its really impossible to get lost. The superstition is so prevalent, even though most on here won't agree, that simply the idea of getting lost in the dark is the first and foremost reason non-hunters refuse to participate in most outdoor activities, in general, and hunt deer, specifically.

    2. Mysterious footsteps is another superstition and is indirectly associated with #1, above, although it being dark is not absolutely necessary. Hunters often hear things, footsteps being the most frequent attention-getter. The reality is that the animal community in almost all the forested land in Ohio has an organized group of Ninja critters, squirrels often leading their meetings, to make these noises in an attempt to drive the intruding hunters crazy. They scratch tree trunks, burrow under the forest duff and do all sorts of other things to get the hunter to think "Mr. Big" is approaching and get all freaky. Sometimes the critters even post videos on U-Tube when a particular hunter really does spectacularly stupid stuff, like drop his thermos off the tree stand while stretching around the tree to see what's making that noise.

    3. Missing partner is another superstition and is indirectly associated with #2, above. After yet another unsuccessful hunt with your buddy, our hapless hunter moseys over to where he left his partner only to discover he's no longer there. Of course, if this happens in the dark then the superstition takes on a whole array of other possibilities.

    4. The inoperative flashlight is such an easily explained occurrence, yet most hunters during the hours of darkness go nuts when it happens to them. They meticulously check the flashlight's operation before the hunt, yet half-way to the stand, it fails. Now it's dark and in an instant, he hears footsteps, plus his buddy, who, just a moment ago was walking behind him, is now missing. The simple explanation is: Batteries will fail when removed from their original packaging. (The footsteps are caused by the Ninja critters carrying off your missing partner.)

    5. Being watched is still another superstition that is easily explained. Why hunters feel that the animal kingdom can see them when the hunters can't see the animals is void of all logic. Of course, animals can see hunters. Stop freaking out! The animals have convinced our legislators (probably on the dole) to force hunters to wear "hunter orange" and specific "camouflage" patterns for a reason: To enhance their visibility. Please, please, please, don't buy into the idea that animals are color-blind or that the "camouflage" pattern du jour doesn't stand out in the woods. That myth is promoted by scientists that don't hunt (and probably also on the dole). Show me one, just one, tree or bush that looks like Realtree Pink©!

    6. Finally, sleep paralysis is a superstition that has affected most, if not all, on here. A hunter will set his alarm to go off at a reasonable time for the next morning's hunt. He turns out the light and tries to go to sleep. But, in the dark of his room he decides to reset his alarm to build in an extra 30-minute safety margin, just in case. He lays awake hearing footsteps in the hall and wondering which kid is up at this hour. He also worries about his partner waking up on time. So, he resets his alarm an hour earlier to fudge in for that case, then climbs out of bed to check his flashlight. By the time he falls off to sleep, he fails to hear the alarm at all and wakes up to the noise of the phone ringing. The voice on the other end is yelling so loudly and is so high pitched that it sounds like a Ninja squirrel.
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  4. Do not step on something that you can step over. Do not step over something that you can step around.

    Never blindly believe when someone says “hunting was better yesterday” or “I saw....”fill-in-the-blank....”....but, always believe your dog.

    It is incorrect to believe that deer will lay eggs in the hair of a sleeping hunter....however, other deer negatives are spot on.

    It is bad luck 1) not to be superstitious and 2) to fail to appreciate the value present in the tiniest aspects of small and upland game hunting.
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  5. I swear to you, never shoot a white squirrel. I have never seen one here but I shot one in North Carolina. The squirrel gods were mad at me because I didn't have another good squirrel hunt for like 5 years. I will never shoot one again!
  6. I was a mail man in middletown ohio, I swear there were more albino squirrels there than anywhere. I think it must of had to do with the chemicals from AK steel. Either that or the squirrels watched and learned from the native middletuckians and inbred themselves into a albino squirrel on each corner......
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  7. Bryan six

    Bryan six Staff Member Mod

    Nate Dowler harvested a half white doe one year and it took five years to harvest the next one!! He still blames it on his "Great White Doe"!! :)
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  8. I actually experience this a lot of times this usually happens if I ever fall sleep at work (don't tell the boss, ok) which doesn't happen that much so I end up having recharged already but I force myself to sleep since I have to wake up early tomorrow to cook food for breakfast and lunch. At first it was scary but as it continued on I got used to it, you should try it but if it ever gets scary just close your eyes and try to get yourself to sleep again to escape.

    How about sacrificing some nuts to squirrel gods to appease them?
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  9. I have shot one... I would tell somone if ya do... Make sure your taxidermist doesn't up and move away and take it with him....

    On a side note walk under ladders anytime ya can. It's easier than going around them.

    If you see a black cat don't kick it!!run it over....

    If wife asks what ya dreamed about the night before always tell her it was of her...

    If you catch a fish on the first cast... it'means your going to hammer them... or it's the last fish,you catch the rest of the day..
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  10. Hey, don't run over the cat, paint it white.
    The last part happened to me when we went fishing in a nearby lake, I had the first catch was so smug . . . never had a catch 'till afternoon.