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Sunday Hunting in Ohio

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by vc1111, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. Three cheers for Sunday hunting in Ohio. I was able to get in an extra hunt here and there on Sundays.

    Anyone else able to take advantage of it?
  2. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    I will for muzzleloader. I do all the time for grouse!

  3. We have lots of land here so I have been able to hunt on Sunday for some years. But I think it is great that it is a day all can hunt. Hunt on!!:D
  4. It's good to get to hunt on Sundays, but please respect the landowners. Some don't want hunters on there land all 7 days.
  5. I know what you mean Desperado. I try to be mindful of the landowners in all ways. In Ohio we are blessed with a tradition of farmers and other landowners that grant permission for hunting and trapping.
  6. Landowners that grant permission should be respected for their generosity. Do things for them with a smile on your face and thanks in your heart.
    One landowner that granted me permission is now a friend. I would go to his place in heartbeat if he asked me for help. In fact I didnt even hunt on his land this year LOL. But I was there for a couple of dinners. LOL
  7. I have also made a lot of friends by going back in the spring to work around the farm and shoot up a bunch of the groundhogs. Those farmers HATE groundhogs...and I love shooting them.
  8. I love it now i can hunt two days during the weekends it is hard for me to get out during the week.thanks ODNR
  9. Hey, how many church services were cancelled because of Sunday hunting? ;)
  10. I am extremely happy to be able to hunt on Sundays! I work a differemt schedule and I don't have a bunch of extra time during the archery season. I was thrilled when they opened up for Sundays. More time in the woods ..... boom, there you have it. As for the church services that were cancelled ... none! Remember, church is everywhere, yes even 20 feet up in a tree. It's just hard to convince others of that though.

  11. Right on rjo

    I've said many prayers 20'up!
    "please let this deer keep coming"
    "Can you get this buck broadside for me"
    " god I think he winded me"
    "Please let me see at least a doe"
    and the list goes on!
  12. Gator I think it is safe to say we have ALL been there.
  13. And we will ALL be there again!Gotta love it.
  14. ive been hunting sundays for a couple years now....Its great cause i can only hunt the weekends:D
  15. Well, here it is Sunday and yes, I went to church in my treestand again! I can't miss a Sunday hunt in the morning, it just wouldn't feel right!

  16. There are trees in Toledo?? :eek: Never would'a thunk it!! :D
  17. There are a few Phil;) But I cant stay in the one's around my house. Too many dang squirrels chase me then.:D
  18. You lucky devil! I haven't been able to get within 50 feet of a squirrel since I got married. Everything I own now smells like cat, and the squirrels don't like it at all! :eek:
  19. Should have been this way many years ago, opens the door for more people to enjoy the sport.