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first, id like to introduce myself. my name is RG and i live in akron. i rarely target other species of fish, so i fish for anything. but mainly for sunfish like bluegill, and pumpkinseed. i rarely target bass, and i will go for catfish sometimes.

anyway, i have some questions about summit lake and mannings pond. first, is it safe to eat fish from both places? ive eaten fish from the canal for a long time, with no ill effects. i would assume that with both the canal and summit lake being connected, the fish are swimming in basically the same water, and with that, if one of the waterways are effected by say, muddiness, or high water. then what ever was connected is also effected.
second, where to fish? ive never fished in it as someone i know always tells me that fish in there are not fit for eating, or angling. but with this reputation, i have a suspicion that the fishing there is great, because of the reputation being spread around among anglers, causing them to not want to fish it.
i have no interest of being on the west side of the lake, because i fish better when i dont have to worry about getting mugged by hoodlums or worse...
the east and north sides look much better, so where should i go?
and what about mannings pond? ive seen some massive lilly pad growth around that area, i have a sneaking suspicion that that would be a GREAT bass place.
and one final question. what's up with the catfish? i havent been able to hook up with one for a while, and ive read that while they spawn, they are almost impossible to catch.
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