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sub. calibers

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Firearms' started by Catfish, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. Is there anyone esle on this board that likes the suc. calibers? Right now I have 3 - .17 rounds that I shoot. A .17 Rem., a .17 K-Hornet, and a .17-223. I just like these little bullets because there is no chance of a ricochet and they they seem to kill like lightning. I`ve also been considering getting a .19 or a .20 cal. round of one breed or another, anyone have any experacne with eather of these two calibers?
  2. I have a 17 Remington but I really havent sit down and played with it the way that I should.

  3. Smallie,
    Be carefull if you do. I started with a .17 Rem. about 6 yrs. ago and now have a .17 K-Hornet and a .17-223 to go with it. With your .17 Rem. and fast loads you have a good groundhog gun to 300 yrds. and there is no chance of a ricochet. There are no big hole, but when one is standing faceing you and you hit him in the chest and he falls towards you that kinda fun to watch, and you get to watch since the bullets are going so fast and there is no recoil you get to see where the bullets hit most of the time.
  4. I have yet to bag a hog with my 17, but I know what your talking about as I get pretty much the same thing when I have used a 22 hornet, 222 or 223...the 222 is really cool...I hope to use it more this season.
  5. I really have fun with the 17's . I have two 17 Remington's ( a Cooper and a Rem 700) a 17 Ackley Hornet ( T/C Encore with a VV barrel) , and two 17 HMR's ( a Marlin 17V and a CZ 452 American ) . I have been thinking of a few others too ! Can't have too many !
    I have been reading about the 19 and 20 calibers and they look very interesting . The one that I have been seriously considering is the .20 Tactical . Looks very easy to form and good velocities . The parent case is the 223 Rem so brass would be very easy to get . I'm just not sure yet what kind of rifle I want it in . Do I build one on a bolt gun or just order an Encore barrel??????? Decisions , Decisions , Decisions .................
  6. Brain,
    Did you check with Remington to see if your .17 Rem. was on the recall list? You might want to drop them an e-mail with the seaial number of your gun and find out. It took 4 weeks to get mine back, not as bad as I thought it would be.
    I`ve looked at that one too. I think that the .19-223 Calhoon would be a hair better, but as far as I know Calhoon is the only one makeing the .19 cal. bullets and I`m alittle worried about going with a cal. that there is only 1 bullet manufacture.
    My .17 Hornet is a Bullberry and so is my .17-223. I really like the Bullberry barrels, I also have a .357 max. barrel from Bullberry.
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